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Brand Management

What a Trip to Whole Foods Can Teach You About Branding

A few weeks ago I went food shopping at my local (but regional chain) grocery store. I shop for food in a few places as I can’t seem to find one store that offers me everything. I wandered the store

How to Secure Customer Loyalty in the Mobile Age

One of the holy grails for marketers is to find ways to secure customer loyalty. Books have been written on the subject, articles appear frequently about it and experts share strategies about how to increase customer loyalty at conferences. There

Authentic Storytelling: The Secret Way Brands Gain Trust

Looking to build social currency for your brand and win customers? Try authentic storytelling. In a climate of direct selling bombardment, consumers have cooled on traditional advertising and marketing methodologies. They’re eager to connect on more human levels, to understand

Understanding Client Satisfaction: It Depends On Who’s Asking The Questions

How often have you recommended to a client that they conduct research among their own customers to gauge overall satisfaction and uncover what they value about the relationship to your client’s company or brand? You’re astute enough to know that

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumers

As both an influencer for brands and a marketer who develops and manages influencer campaigns for clients, I am well aware of the value of influencer marketing. Add to the equation the fact that I’m also a consumer, and I

Protecting Brand Reputation with the Right Digital Ad Selection

Can brands safeguard their reputation around ad selection as consumers lose trust? Some, like Unilever, are taking action. Here’s what you need to know.

CRO & UX: How to Design for Both Experience and Revenue

Learn how to leverage the power of both CRO and UX to gain loyal customers and grow your business. Talia Wolf warns against common mistakes.

Brands That Take a Stand: Lessons in Attracting New Customers

Branding and activism: two sides of the same coin? Just as today’s digital revolution has brought companies closer to their customers, it’s also bringing the “real world” into every company’s marketing sphere. In a global marketplace, many businesses are finding

Are Your Customers Experiencing Your Brand Promise?

By Carlos Hidalgo founder and CEO of VisumCx Ever feel like brands give you the bait and switch? You engage with a brand, visit their website, consume their content, and with each interaction your affinity for the brand grows. Then comes the

Building a Strong Brand Begins with Integrated Messaging

by Karen Mishra Research shows that customers need to hear your message between three and ten times before they act on it.  Instead of tweeting a message 10 times, send your message in an integrated fashion using online and offline messaging.