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Most Simple and Cost-Effective Ad Types for Your Business in 2019

Are you running ads to target your prospects? Is it the right campaign type for your market? Running ads is quite expensive and also complex. Especially, deciding which ad platform benefits your business the most at a less price takes

How to Fine-Tune AR-Infused Banner Ads and Campaigns

Banner ads aren’t known for being a customer favorite, but Jaguar might have figured out a way to change that: augmented reality. The luxury car brand tested this method out with its creative campaign for the Range Rover Velar, which

Navigating the Native AdTech Landscape

The AdTech landscape keeps growing with each passing year and shows no signs of slowing down. For the last two years the Native Advertising Institute (NAI) has attempted to map the AdTech landscape—as it has never fully been done before.

Digital Advertising Transparency: The New Normal

There has been a push recently for digital advertising transparency. Here’s how companies will be impacted by this new normal.

4 Ways Blockchain Will Transform Digital Marketing And Advertising

Blockchain technology is not just for the financial industry. Here are 4 different ways it can be used to disrupt marketing and advertising.

Report Finds Social Media Ad Spend Has Doubled Since Last Year

If it seems like you keep seeing more brands advertising on social media than ever before, it’s because they are. According to 4C Insights, Inc., which analyzed the ad spend habits of over 900 brands using its social ads tool,

Native Advertising Institute Releases New Infographic to Give you a Lay of the Land

Native advertising has been a major ad tactic for the past few years, but research shows that it’s set to get even more mainstream in 2017. In fact, the Native Advertising Institute (NAI) predicted that native ads will soon replace

The 10 Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads

If you watched Super Bowl LI, you know that the actual game was more entertaining than the commercials, which is a first if you’re not a football fan! So if you can’t stop talking about that amazing comeback by the

Study Shows How Marketers Buy Digital Ads

Buying digital ads is a big part of the marketing process in this day and age. After all, if you want to reach your audience members, you have to show up where they’re most likely to be looking, and that

Measuring Marketing Success on Facebook: Are Your Metrics Telling the Truth?

These days, there’s a lot more for companies to do on Facebook than post photos and status updates. The social media giant has become a useful marketing tool for brands both big and small, from providing retargeting options to partnering