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Building a Strong Brand Begins with Integrated Messaging

Strong Brand Messagingby Karen Mishra

Research shows that customers need to hear your message between three and ten times before they act on it.  Instead of tweeting a message 10 times, send your message in an integrated fashion using online and offline messaging.   If you find ways to build on one message source to another, your customers will see your message in different places, reinforcing their interest and purchase intention.

Moon & Lola, an NC-based jewelry and accessory business has built a strong following using multiple methods for connecting with customers.

Retail Stores

Moon & Lola has five retail stores, which highlight its whimsical jewelry selection.  I first heard about Moon & Lola through the pop-up store in my local mall.  After visiting and seeing the merchandise in person, I began to follow them on Instagram.


Moon & Lola’s Instagram posts are personable, highlighting not only their merchandise, but also their founder, Kelly Shatat.  With 2,419 followers, they use their Instagram feed to highlight special promotions and offers.  I ordered many birthday and Christmas gifts on their website as a result of those promotions.


Moon & Lola’s website is colorful and easy to navigate.  These qualities are important for customers to be able to find what they want and quickly make a purchase.  Once there, customers are able to see all of the other ways they can keep connected to Moon & Lola, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


The same promotions that Moon & Lola shares on its Instagram account, it highlights on its Twitter feed. This is a great example of integrating a message and making sure their 3,974 Twitter followers see it in multiple forms.  When I see the Tweet, after viewing the Instagram post, it reminds me that I should take advantage of that special offer, to find a great gift for my family & friends.


Pinterest is the perfect way to showcase their products and move customers to purchase.  With the “shop” link, Moon & Lola makes it easy for their 6,205 followers to browse and buy.


The Moon & Lola Facebook page has almost 40,000 followers. The other advantage to using Facebook is that customers can see which of their friends also follows Facebook. This is one more way to integrate its messaging, by reinforcing that your friends like your company, too.

Finally, Moon & Lola tied their messaging in a bow with their outstanding customer service.  During one of the promotional buys, their customer service department emailed me to let me know that they had refunded the amount of a special promotion to my credit card, which I had forgot to use.  That was one of those “moments of truth” where Moon & Lola went above and beyond my expectations.

Look at all of the ways you communicate with customers.  Are they linked to each other?  Do customers get the same message from all of your sources?  Building a strong brand begins with integrated messaging.

photo credit: Gwen Vanhee LogisticsOfTheFuture.shapes-II via photopin (license)

This article was first published on Integrated Marketing Association.

Bio: Karen teaches marketing and international business at ECU in Greenville, NC. Her expertise is helping small business owners create and implement marketing plans to grow their business.  She writes about this for Entrepreneur.