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Boost Your Content Marketing with these 8 Online Tools

content marketing tools

Content marketing has become one of the most efficient ways for businesses to connect with their target audience. As consumers have become more wary of advertising, content marketing has become more popular, and content marketing tools can help boost your results.

People want to use the internet to learn and be entertained. Blog posts, articles, essays, and white papers have the power to inform and entertain readers, unlike advertising, which still largely focuses on sales.

Because internet users want more content, marketers are working overtime to deliver. But creating more content doesn’t necessarily translate to good content. If you want to make a mark in a saturated content environment, you need some help.

Here are eight online tools that will boost your content marketing, and save you a lot of time.

Content Writing Tools

Content marketers know all about writing. But when you’re producing multiple pieces of content on short deadlines, even the best among us is likely to make mistakes.

While online content writing tools can’t write whole pieces for you, they will help to reduce errors and give you suggestions that will improve your writing. Here are two top tools that you will want to use.


Consistently ranking as the best grammar checker online, Grammarly is an excellent tool for ensuring that your written documents remain largely error free. Most content writers don’t have the time to revise their work, but with Grammarly, that is one less hassle you will need to worry about.

The site also has a desktop app, and compatible extensions with most operating systems and browsers. You can easily install the extensions and get live feedback on your writing, whether it is within the body of an email, a Google Doc, or even a social media post.

When you’re creating a large amount of content consistently, even the most trained eye can miss errors. Grammarly will ensure that human error never gets in the way of a good story.

Hemingway App

For simpler proofreading needs, you can’t go wrong with Hemingway App. Essentially a word processor, Hemingway Editor is available as an online site or a desktop app.

But Hemingway App is also great for improving your writing style. Not only does it check for grammar, but it also gives suggestions about sentence structure.

The site color codes your sentences—with a legend on the side that explains what each color stands for—with details about how you can improve readability.

Content marketing is all about creating the best materials and with a site like Hemingway App, not only will you be able to create great content, but you will learn how to write better in the process.

Social Media Tools

Content marketing and social media are closely interlinked. Social media marketing continues to be a primary promotional channel for most businesses, big and small. Optimizing the use of social media is thus a priority for content marketers. Here are two social media management tools that you will definitely want to use.


AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule your content in advance. You can also share the same content multiple times through the AgoraPulse queue, which is ideal for evergreen content or for new promotions.

The social inbox function of AgoraPulse puts all your content in one place and is easy to view and review. The tool also creates reports that save you the trouble of visiting the various social media channels for analytics.

For content marketers who want to share a large amount of content and need quick stats on engagement rates, AgoraPulse is an excellent choice.


One of the most popular social media analytics tools (according to G2) around, Hootsuite also acts as a content scheduler. The clean content calendar and social network streams make it a very visually attractive and user-friendly tool.

Hootsuite also has an auto-scheduling option—you pre-program dates and times for sharing your content and you can schedule your posts with the click of one button.

You also have the option of bulk uploading content into Hootsuite using a CSV file, which is ideal for businesses that plan far in advance.

Hootsuite’s reports are highly detailed and can be customized according to your needs. Hootsuite generates reports according to your schedule—you can choose a daily, weekly, or monthly option—and also has options to use your branding in the report.

For in-depth reporting and ease of use, Hootsuite is an excellent management tool that will make content sharing easier for marketers.

Outreach Tools

According to these content marketing tips from experts, creating human connections is the most important aspect of modern marketing. Outreach is thus becoming more of a focus for marketers now. The below tools will help your content marketing outreach efforts.


Creating great content is only one part of content marketing. You also need to ensure that you are reaching the right people with your content.

Buzzsumo is a great tool for analyzing the content you have created, as well as examining your competitor’s content. The site gives you a wealth of information—including how many shares a piece of content has got on social media, how many sites are linking to it, and the key influencers who have been sharing the content.

When you are looking for people who can share your content, Buzzsumo is a great tool to find them. And once you have your influencers, you need a tool that will get you in touch with them. Which is where our next tool comes in.


You have the influencers you need to reach; now you need to create email lists to contact them.

OptinMonster is a plugin that will create beautiful forms for you to collect emails. It is compatible with numerous platforms, like WordPress, as well as a number of email clients.

You can easily create elaborate lead capture campaigns using OptinMonster, without any coding knowledge, which is what makes this tool so valuable to marketers.

For marketers trying to reach new audiences, OptinMonster is an excellent way to save you the hassle of searching the internet for ways of connecting with people.

Visual Content Marketing Tools

According to the latest visual content marketing statistics, 69% of marketers believe that visuals are absolutely necessary for their marketing strategies.

But creating visuals isn’t an easy task. Here are two visual content marketing tools that will make it easier for marketers to adopt visuals in their marketing.


Stock photos may be becoming a thing of the past but Unsplash continues to be a favorite among content marketers (me included).

Unsplash offers copyright-free, high-res photographs on a wide range of subjects, so you always have images to use with your content.

For a quick banner or accompanying photo for a social media post, all you need to do is search Unsplash. You will definitely find a stunning image that will make your content stand out and improve your engagement.


As a content marketer for Venngage, I couldn’t not mention our site. I stumbled upon Venngage when I was trying to create graphics and I’ve never looked back since.

Venngage offers a host of templated visual content, all of which is highly customizable. Choose from hundreds of beautiful templates to create your visuals and graphics—you can access anything from infographic templates to presentation templates, a personal favorite of mine.

You have the option to swap out backgrounds, photos, icons, and text styles to match your needs. Even without graphic design skills, Venngage will help you make stunning visuals in minutes.


These eight tools should make your content marketing role far easier than it was before. With a little help for your writing, social media schedulers, new ways to reach potential contacts, and visual graphic makers, you can boost your content marketing further than it has gone before.

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