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Best Practices in Promoting Webinars from Eric Vidal (Video)

This episode of the Marketing Mash video series features one of our own, Eric Vidal, sharing tips and best practices on promoting webinars.

When it comes to managing and hosting a webinar, there are many components involved, with promotion being one of the most important. Without successfully promoting your webinar, you could have a great event with zero attendees! In the video below, Eric sits down and lays out all the best practices and promotion tips that he has learned over the years. Eric explains that promotion involves using marketing techniques not only before your webinar, but during the event and after. Here are some highlighted points from the video:

When Starting Your Promotions:

In starting the marketing for your webinar, begin with creating promotional checklists tailored to your unique event. These checklists may be different for every webinar.

Once the webinar registration page is up and running, the first thing to do is to create unique urls that direct to the reg page. Have a number of different urls available so that you can match each different url to a different promotional program. For example, if you decide to feature the webinar on your own website, use a unique url so that you can track how many clicks and registrants you get from your website. This way, you can learn which programs are working better, which will allow you to pull back on unsuccessful programs or amp up the successful ones.

Free Promotions:

Email Marketing – Utilize your contacts and send them promotional emails and/or feature your webinar in your company’s email newsletter.

Blogs – Write an article and post to your company’s blog to promote the webinar. Highlight the description of the webinar along with what the attendees will learn if they attend.

Social MediaLeverage your social media profiles. Use 1-minute teaser videos to get people’s attention with a call-to-action to register for the webinar.

Webinara – Post your webinar description for free on Webinara. Create a great description and you just may get a lot of free registrants.

Find a Partner – Work with any existing partners using trade-outs in order to promote your webinar. You can offer to promote your partners’ webinars or events if they will do the same.

Paid Promotions:

Facebook Ads – Eric has experienced a lot of success promoting webinars with Facebook ads, but he mentions that it can be different for every company. Try placing ads on a number of different social media outlets to see which works best for you.

Leverage a Media Company – Some B2B media companies will sell packages to promote your webinars. They can even handle everything in the management and promotion of your event. Broadsuite Media Group and Marketing Profs are good examples.

Watch the video below to hear from Eric and get even more tips on promoting webinars:

Eric Vidal – Sr. VP, Lead Generation, Broadsuite Media Group – @EricVMarketing