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Understanding Client Satisfaction: It Depends On Who’s Asking The Questions

How often have you recommended to a client that they conduct research among their own customers to gauge overall satisfaction and uncover what they value about the relationship to your client’s company or brand? You’re astute enough to know that

3 Science-Backed Reasons Your Brand Should Explore Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Despite its bright glow and mesmerizing presence, the next big thing isn’t always the true star of the show. It’s easy to be distracted by all the hype, especially during a time of endless trends like fidget spinners and Millennial

Data Modeling: Two Ways Marketers Can Start Using AI Immediately

AI isn’t a magic bullet. It’s not enough to have the insights. Marketing teams have to have the ability to determine what the data means, and then seamlessly combine the data science with the art of marketing. The challenge is

How Are Marketing Leaders Using MarTech? An Inside Look

What do marketing and technology have in common? They’re both constantly evolving! So it’s no wonder they’ve merged into an increasingly popular solution known as MarTech. If you think combining marketing and technology sounds like a good idea, you’re not

Curious Why Your Millennial Employees Aren’t on Board with Social Sharing? It’s Not Them—It’s You

If you could be a fly on the wall for the water cooler chatter of your Millennial employees (or get a peek at their digital conversations), what do you think you’d learn? If you’re still sending emails requesting they share

Net Promoter Score: The One Key Metric You Need for Customer Loyalty

Creating and fostering relationships with customers is tough—especially in this era when competition is so fierce in almost every industry. We’ve written articles about collecting feedback from customers and combining that data with a CRM and artificial intelligence to mine

5+ Reasons Your Email Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Many businesses feel that email marketing has lost its edge as an efficient way to win over customers and generate new business—but they would be wrong. While deliverability and readability of marketing emails have fallen and automated spam filters and

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumers

As both an influencer for brands and a marketer who develops and manages influencer campaigns for clients, I am well aware of the value of influencer marketing. Add to the equation the fact that I’m also a consumer, and I

8 Sets of Marketing Automation Tools Your Company Can’t Live Without

For B2B companies, their universe of potential customers can be broadly divided into two groups. There are unknown or “pre-CRM” prospects who can be described but not individually named (e.g., CIOs at midsized companies). And there are known or “post

Analyzing Vidyard’s 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report

Did you know that almost 90 percent of digital marketers use video as part of a marketing strategy? Clearly, it’s working because 90 percent of customers say video helps them make decisions and 64 percent say that it makes them