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What Social Media Content Trends are Expected in 2020

We expect that these five social media content trends will dominate in 2020. So get ready to keep up with them and adjust your marketing strategy in the right way. It will help you to increase reach and engagement as well as to achieve other marketing goals.

How Overspending is Disastrous for Your Business

Running a business is undoubtedly, the most daunting task ever. What makes a business successful is the capacity of the management running the business to make smart decisions and their ability to use their resources in the most efficient and effective way.

SEO: In House vs Outsourcing, What is Best?

When it comes to SEO there are many different approaches you can take to get your campaign going. Should you out source or do your SEO in house?

Does Influencer Marketing Still Work?

If you watched the documentaries on Hulu and Netflix about the fraud surrounding the Fyre Festival—which was known for being largely promoted by social media influencers—you might be a little put off by influencers these days. In fact, maybe you’ve

Best Practices for Building an Online Community

As you may have noticed, the days when you could pay for some TV ads and wait for the views—and increased sales!—to roll in are long gone. Now you have to focus on your online presence more than ever if

How to Build Your Brand with User-Generated Content

Most business owners realize that content is king, but that doesn’t mean they’re experts at crafting it. If you can relate to this struggle—and have trouble creating new content for your brand consistently—it’s time to look into user-generated content, or

Machine Translation and Usability: Blessing or Curse?

Machine Translations are of immense help in oral short-term communication between any two individuals speaking two different languages, mostly informal in nature. Though machine translations are extremely inexpensive and there are hundreds of free apps available on the Internet that

3 Ways to Engage Educators to Boost Your Brand Image

Educators are a band of wise warriors quietly cultivating the minds that will form our future — they’re some of the most valuable people in society. But how often do you think of them as an investable audience when it

Don’t Let a Tight Budget Stifle Your Digital Marketing Innovation

Marketing innovation has long been key for brands that want to keep their messages fresh. Precisely how that marketing innovation looks, however, depends on a brand’s unique goals. Verizon wanted to draw consumers into its event space, which is why

Is Technical SEO Dead? What Googlebot’s New Updates Mean for You

In May, Google announced an update. For the average user, it didn’t make many waves. But for SEO professionals, the change felt seismic. Google launched this update — a new and improved version of its Googlebot web crawler — at