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Latest Posts By: Shelly Kramer

Email Marketing: Don’t Underestimate Today’s Most Powerful Call to Action

I’ve written previously about the power of click-to-call campaigns. Adding a click-to-call button in email marketing campaigns is a great option as a call to action. Now, Forrester Research is adding fuel to the fire, indicating that customers who initiate

How to Cater to Your Family of Social Media Audiences

If you’re anything like me, you share things on different social media channels the same way you tell stories to different members of your family. For example, if you’re telling your history buff of a wife about your recent business

What it Means to be Effective at Marketing

The predictions for Marketing have been flowing in. Gartner’s study suggests budgets for this year are down and that the pressure to prove the value of the dollars continues to increase. Gartner claimed in their 2017-2018 CMO Spend Survey, “CMOs

Trends Digital Marketers Need to Keep an Eye on in 2018

We have seen digital marketing grow in importance in 2017. Various innovations and developments like chatbots and live streaming took a foothold in the marketing industry. Will 2018 be any different? Let’s take a closer look at several trends digital

Want Better Customer Experience? Combine CRM And Customer Feedback

If you are not focused on receiving and using customer feedback, you are missing out on an amazing growth tool. Gathering feedback throughout the entire customer journey is of great importance to the buyer life cycle, marketing campaigns and the

The Most Important Keyword for SEO in 2018

Search rankings matter. Organic search accounts for a third of all traffic to B2B websites on average, according to HubSpot. That figure is closer to 40 percent for small companies, and almost 50 percent for industrial / manufacturing firms. But

Three Reasons Video Marketing is an Essential part of a Social Media Strategy

Both consumers and brands alike are using social media platforms to consume and create videos at a staggering rate. According to Cisco, a million minutes of video will be moving across the internet every second by 2021. It’s clear that

Navigating the Native AdTech Landscape

The AdTech landscape keeps growing with each passing year and shows no signs of slowing down. For the last two years the Native Advertising Institute (NAI) has attempted to map the AdTech landscape—as it has never fully been done before.

Drive Customer Experience with Solid Community Engagement

Back in the day, a company’s “relationship” with its customer ended as soon as they made a purchase. But in today’s world, that relationship is ongoing. The customer journey is a lot longer—and the company almost always comes along for

Mobile Ad Trends and Stats You Need to Know

There are 3.5 billion unique mobile internet users worldwide. The same data from Statista says 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone. These numbers will only continue to grow as 5G rolls out over the next decade. Smart businesses are