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Don’t Let a Tight Budget Stifle Your Digital Marketing Innovation

Marketing innovation has long been key for brands that want to keep their messages fresh. Precisely how that marketing innovation looks, however, depends on a brand’s unique goals. Verizon wanted to draw consumers into its event space, which is why

Is Technical SEO Dead? What Googlebot’s New Updates Mean for You

In May, Google announced an update. For the average user, it didn’t make many waves. But for SEO professionals, the change felt seismic. Google launched this update — a new and improved version of its Googlebot web crawler — at

6 Mistakes To Avoid That Can Cost Your Website A Top-Ranking

Pushing your website through the ranks of competition can be a long and arduous process however the end result of a first-page appearance is as rewarding as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Approximately 67% of

Get More Out of Your Marketing Partnerships: More Productive Meetings, Closer Relationships

Marketing partnerships provide an excellent way to build your brand and introduce your product to new customers. Getting the project off the ground requires significant collaboration – a lot of meetings and a lot of negotiation. To get the most

The Best Offline Marketing Ideas No One Told You About

Successful companies’ marketing strategies are a carefully crafted blend of effective online and offline marketing approaches. All too often, businesses make the mistake of giving online marketing great focus and completely ignoring offline marketing, losing the opportunities the latter makes

7 Tips In Making Your Business PowerPoint Presentation Presentable

How many business PowerPoint presentations have you created? Most likely, if you are reading this article, you don’t have extensive experience. Thankfully, it is easy to make your PowerPoint presentation better by using special tips and tricks. PowerPoint is designed

Email Marketing 101: Never Bounce Again

Do you know your bounce rate? You should be able to name it in your sleep. The importance of keeping this rate low is tough to underestimate. No matter how hard your marketing team works on the campaign, the effort

8 Visual Marketing Ideas You Need to Try

Content marketing is constantly evolving and challenging marketers to do more and better. Almost every day, there is a new trend that marketers need to follow. Additionally, people’s interests are waning—there is so much content available to them that they

7 Email Marketing Challenges Most Businesses Are Facing

Email marketing is among the most effective methods of reaching and converting your audience. In fact, one study found that 76 percent of subscribers make purchases after receiving marketing emails, which is probably why 97 percent of businesses use email

Why a Customer Journey Map Matters

If you’re looking for a way to better understand consumers so you can deliver more personalized experiences and ultimately improve sales, it may be time to create a customer journey map. This tactic has become standard in numerous industries, from