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How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing To Their Advantage

So much has changed in marketing in the last 10 years. Companies are able to target specific customers through websites, social media, and now your smartphone. Smartphones have been a gamechanger for marketers. Just think about how often you check

Consistency Beats Perfection In Agency Marketing

To make it in business, we need three main things: A viable, valuable product or service that solves a real problem A way to sell and deliver it A defined group of people to sell it to But checking all

7 Proven Practices for Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Customers are the most important part of any business; customers are the very purpose of business. Keeping your happy should be at the top of your list of priorities. If your organization is among those that have created customer experience

In Terms of Social Media Strategy, The Bigger Picture is All That Matters

Social media, both as a marketing tool and as a communications platform, is nothing if not powerful. Never before have you had the opportunity to expose your message to billions of people around the world with just a few quick

Voice & Visual Search Is Changing How We Approach SEO

If you’re still trying to get a handle on how to perfect your search engine optimization strategy, here’s a new tidbit to digest: SEO is no longer limited to the written word. That’s right, the traditional SEO rules you were

Digital Transformation Trends: How Digitally Transformed CMOs are Impacted

Last month, I shared an article about the digital transformation trends to look forward to in 2019. But those trends won’t happen in a vacuum. They’ll impact everyone working in today’s digital landscape, including the digitally transformed CMO. It’s safe

6 Key Insights to Make Your Content Marketing More Effective (From Research)

Care to guess what’s the most commonly used tactic for lead generation by B2B marketers? What these marketers view as their most effective lead gen tactic? Where they plan to increase spending the most in the coming year? What’s their

How to Secure Customer Loyalty in the Mobile Age

One of the holy grails for marketers is to find ways to secure customer loyalty. Books have been written on the subject, articles appear frequently about it and experts share strategies about how to increase customer loyalty at conferences. There

The Top AR Gamification Strategies Impacting Retail Right Now

Whatever your personal opinion of it, it’s undeniable that the trend of AR gamification is still gathering momentum. Though it may appear gimmicky and even silly on the surface, it essentially draws from decades of research into how our deeply-embedded

6 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Sales Team

Did you know that the most successful sales teams are three times more likely to use analytics than under-performing teams? A statistic like that would convince me to use data immediately, but that isn’t always the case. It seems that