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How to Craft a Compelling Brand Narrative on Multiple Channels

Developing a compelling, effective marketing campaign is rarely quick and easy, made even less so by the maze of channels now available to reach a target audience. And when launching a large-scale initiative with lots of parts and pieces, many

6 Effective Marketing Strategies For SMBs in 2019

You can’t become successful in business without marketing. However, not all marketing strategies are created equal. Each year brings new marketing tips and tools to the table. Are you using the latest effective marketing strategies available? Small business owners often

6 Major Differences in B2C vs. B2B Sales Strategies

Any person who has worked in the digital company is aware of the difference between B2B and B2C business structure, but many of them might not be familiar with the sales strategy followed by these business models. There is a

Achieving Brand Consistency in RFP Responses Across Far Flung Teams

Maintaining end-to-end brand consistency is a constant struggle in today’s world. Digital tools make it far too easy to squash, stretch or reverse out the company logo. Employees pick out the wrong fonts or use outdated messaging and taglines in

3 Tips for Building Your Content Marketing Tech Stack

Technology has revolutionized content marketing. High-tech tools allow you to reach bigger audiences with less effort, streamlining the entire approach to creating content. In fact, technology was set to take up 29 percent of marketing spending in 2018, which was

3 Major Goals You Can Achieve With Content Marketing

What do you want to achieve with content marketing? Do you want to establish your thought leadership, boost your search engine rankings, increase your lead generation? Content marketing can help with all of the above, but each requires a specific

Boost Your Content Marketing with these 8 Online Tools

Content marketing has become one of the most efficient ways for businesses to connect with their target audience. As consumers have become more wary of advertising, content marketing has become more popular, and content marketing tools can help boost your

3 Easy Ways to Practice Experiential Marketing on a Budget

The rise of experiential marketing — and its proven efficacy — has given birth to a new era of experiential stunts. Take Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” exhibit, which took San Diego Comic-Con by storm in 2018. The stunt was huge and

Three Tricks to Cut the Stress and Stabilize Ticket Sales for Your Event

Watching the ebb and flow of ticket sales can be panic-inducing. At the beginning of your onsale, sales numbers spike thanks to your initial promotion. Next comes a lull when the novelty of the newly released tickets wears off —

Instagram Stats Every Marketer Should Know

Most marketers are familiar with Instagram by now, but not everyone uses it to its full potential. Maybe you post a picture on your business account whenever you get around to it, but do you add hashtags or use the