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How to Make an Emotional Connection With Consumers Through Your Website

Fifty milliseconds. That’s all the time it takes for someone to establish an opinion about your website, and that opinion will go on to inform that person’s impression of your brand. It’ll also affect that potential customer’s every subsequent action—or

Top 6 Healthcare Marketing Trends in 2019

There’s a lot of competition in the healthcare industry, which means you need to improve your marketing strategy this year if you want to keep up with your competitors. A clinic could have the most experienced medical staff possible and

Social Media Mistakes You’re Making in Your Small Business

So you’ve arrived at work today, determined to figure out why your social media efforts simply aren’t paying off and what social media mistakes you might be making. There are no enquiries coming through, no new sales, in fact very few

The 7 Deadly Sins of Guest Blogging Outreach

As business buyers get more challenging to reach—thanks to email filters, ad blockers, and caller ID—influencer marketing is becoming more popular as a way to break through the clutter and connect with these hard-to-reach buyers. It’s essentially about building credibility

The Complete Guide to Video Marketing for 2019

Video marketing has been big for years, and it’s about to get even bigger. That’s right; video marketing in 2019 is more important than ever. After all, Vidyard’s 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report found that 90 percent of customers

5 Must-Do Steps to Increasing Website Conversions

Whether you own a business or work for someone else’s business, selling more products to more consumers is constantly top of mind. It’s pretty much the name of the game when it comes to keeping a business not only alive,

9 Tools for Effective Marketing Collaboration

Think with Google conducted a survey that found that 93 percent of marketers believe that it is critical to collaborate across all boards when it comes to marketing. This lines up with what we have always been told, doesn’t it?

Why Every Online Business Should be Blogging

What’s your understanding of blogging? If you have an image in your head of a stay-at-home mom in a coffee shop busily tapping away on a laptop updating her “day in the life of me” blog, with one child in

How to Establish a Testing Environment to Support Your Marketing Efforts

Marketers are familiar with the pressure that comes with making decisions. The resulting stress is part of the reason CMO turnover is at an all-time high with the shortest tenure in the C-suite clocking in at just over four years.

How to Research Keywords for Social Media Marketing

Creating an effective social media marketing strategy is much more than scheduling social media updates and monitoring your engagement. You also need to meet your audience needs, answer their questions and offer them what they want to know. You need