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Artificial Intelligence is now a Foundational Building Block for Personalization

Artificial Intelligence is now a Foundational Building Block for PersonalizationThe 2017 State of Marketing report from Salesforce indicates that marketers today are paying more attention to artificial intelligence than ever before, with 51 percent of marketing leaders already using AI and 72 percent of high-performing teams using it for personalized product recommendations and predictive lead scoring.

Indeed, personalization is a powerful use case for AI because it is so effective in engaging customers by individualizing each interaction across any channel, whether website, mobile device, wearable, IoT smart device or app. Combined with the power of data unified from different sources from across your organization, AI can deliver winning combinations of content-rich, individualized digital experiences that create micro-moments of influence – those intent-rich split seconds when decisions are made and preferences are shaped – vital for marketers looking to influence customer behavior. AI-powered personalization can be seen in action across many industries today, in particular, the e-commerce sector. (e.g., Dillard’s, one of America’s largest department store chains, uses artificial intelligence to drive revenue growth) Here are just a few examples of some of the things you can achieve with AI-powered personalization:

Gain insights with advanced customer segmentation and analytics

You can use AI-powered algorithms to uncover valuable insights and high-value micro-segments for better targeting, advanced customer segmentation and analytics. Then You can combine cross-channel behavioral insights and data from external and internal sources to develop and target valuable audience segments with personalized experiences.

  • Unify data from silos across your organization to address real-time needs across channels, journey contexts, and touchpoints.
  • Use complex user data to better identify and target high value micro-segments.
  • Segment by usage behavior, device type, content clicks, location, weather forecast and more.

Drive Conversions with Dynamic Personalized Experiences

AI-powered personalization helps drive conversions by dynamically delivering personalized content and page layouts across devices and channels.

  • Engage high-value segments using advanced targeting.
  • Serve 1:1 personalized experiences in real time.
  • Use your customer segmentation to create and micro-target audience groups. Target based on past behavior, customer journey phase, real-time intent, geo-location, weather forecast, subscription status and more.
  • Instantly quantify the impact of dynamic content changes on your KPIs and tailor unique digital experiences for each persona.

Drive Revenue with Product Recommendations

Increase user retention and session length by inserting data-driven product, content and email recommendations at critical touchpoints and drop-offs. AI enables you to optimize for goals such as “maximize conversions per user” or “maximize purchases” by showing similar, popular, high-grossing or related products. Recommend based on viewing history, prior behavior, real-time intent and more.

  • Expand personalized recommendations to your mobile web, native app or other channels.
  • Recommend based on viewing history, prior behavior, real-time intent and more.
  • Deliver time-sensitive coupons or product offers to drive engagement.
  • Drive revenue and trust by leveraging social proof.
  • Use hybrid recommendation strategies to maximize average order value.
  • Bring users back with personalized emails.
  • Trigger email based on cart abandonment or other purchase funnel strategies.

Drive Clicks with Automated Testing and Optimization

Automatically and continuously optimize the performance of any content using AI-powered testing and optimization algorithms. Test anything from headlines to CTAs to landing pages. Simply set your optimization goals, run the tests, and select the top-performing variations for truly effortless optimization, enabling faster time to market and increased revenues.

  • Continuously A/B test and optimize yield in real time across desktop, mobile web, mobile apps and other channels.
  • Increase revenue and conversions by executing predictive tests and AI-powered optimization across web and mobile.
  • Iterate, analyze and optimize continuously to understand your users and confidently deliver on their needs.
  • Run comprehensive multivariate tests with multiple variables simultaneously and dynamically allocate the best-performing combinations to the right user cohorts.
  • Optimize for revenue growth, not just conversions or clicks.
  • Define, track and optimize results based on your most valuable KPIs.
  • Analyze and integrate A/B testing results with any third-party vendor.

Boost Engagement with Dynamic Behavioral Messaging

Anticipate needs, create urgency and drive latent users back to whatever channel they engage you on with perfectly timed, behavior-triggered incentivizing overlays and notifications, retargeting display ads, exit intent overlays, emails and more.

  • Serve personalized messages driven by real-time data throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Leverage behavioral data to design and trigger highly targeted and engaging messages with personalized precision.
  • Boost conversions with personalized notifications.
  • Create advanced audience targeting rules and dynamically display custom promotions, marketing offers or coupons in real-time.
  • Identify and influence abandoning visitors and persuade them with exit intent popups according to visitor context using personalized overlays, powered by automated yield optimization and 1:1 personalization.
  • Create urgency and drive revenue with real-time messaging by building trust and leveraging social proof.
  • Surface real-time notifications based on users’ activity, including low-on-stock messages, location-based view counters or trend alerts.

Increase Revenue with Personalized Account-Based Marketing

Modify content and direct users to dynamically created account-focused pages or sites based on the user’s account and related account-based intelligence from any data source across your organization. Shift one page, parts of a site (or entire sites or channels) in real time to meet the needs of individual target accounts for increased revenues.

The bottom line is that with artificial intelligence, you can intelligently personalize all aspects that impact the digital experience on any channel, including layout, menu bars, display ads, pop-ups, CTAs and more. You can also dynamically tailor elements, menu items and categories to serve customized layouts according to each visitor’s unique segment, and continually test and optimize them (based on clicks, purchases, subscriptions or any other conversion goal) in order to serve the best experience to each user. Are you using artificial intelligence yet? I’d love to hear about your experiences and results!

Photo Credit: Khuroshvili Ilya Flickr via Compfight cc

Michael Gerard