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How to Secure Customer Loyalty in the Mobile Age

One of the holy grails for marketers is to find ways to secure customer loyalty. Books have been written on the subject, articles appear frequently about it and experts share strategies about how to increase customer loyalty at conferences. There

The Top AR Gamification Strategies Impacting Retail Right Now

Whatever your personal opinion of it, it’s undeniable that the trend of AR gamification is still gathering momentum. Though it may appear gimmicky and even silly on the surface, it essentially draws from decades of research into how our deeply-embedded

6 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Sales Team

Did you know that the most successful sales teams are three times more likely to use analytics than under-performing teams? A statistic like that would convince me to use data immediately, but that isn’t always the case. It seems that

Email Marketing: The Advantages of a Clean Email List

In a recent survey, nearly 86 percent of the business professionals polled claimed they prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. There is no denying just how powerful email can be when trying to reach customers and prospects.

Don’t Let New Marketing Tools Keep You From Crafting Campaigns That Resonate

As the marketing industry continues to evolve, so do the approaches marketers use to reach and engage with consumers. Although being a flexible, adaptable marketer is crucial, this mindset can lead you on a blind chase for shiny new marketing

How to Build Your Digital Content Team

Ubiquitous internet access and the ease of publishing content changed the way information is consumed, and the rise of social media drastically accelerated the pace of that consumption. Today, a digital content team is essential for boosting SEO, promoting brand

Authentic Storytelling: The Secret Way Brands Gain Trust

Looking to build social currency for your brand and win customers? Try authentic storytelling. In a climate of direct selling bombardment, consumers have cooled on traditional advertising and marketing methodologies. They’re eager to connect on more human levels, to understand

4 Ways to Tailor Your Customer Experience and Transform Your Business

The price is right, the message is tight, the product is strong, and the funding is long. All set for success? Not if you can’t provide a first-class customer experience that has potential buyers drooling for more. Today’s watchwords for