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7 Tips In Making Your Business PowerPoint Presentation Presentable

7 Tips In Making Your Business PowerPoint Presentation Presentable

How many business PowerPoint presentations have you created? Most likely, if you are reading this article, you don’t have extensive experience. Thankfully, it is easy to make your PowerPoint presentation better by using special tips and tricks.

PowerPoint is designed to give people with all skill levels an opportunity to create presentations without professional assistance. However, if you want to achieve quality, you should be ready to invest time and effort into the project.

So whether you are just starting to create a presentation or want to tweak your existing one, these tips can help you do it.

1. Use Your Human Power

Don’t allow the program to make decisions for you. PowerPoint tries to make your life easier by offering default settings, such as a slide format, template, image size, fonts, etc. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make an impression, change all the default settings.

Make your presentation creative so it catches the audience’s attention. PowerPoint has been around for decades and so have default settings. If you use them, you will bore your listeners to death because they have most likely seen all of these parameters before.

If you don’t want to make an impression of a bore or a company that doesn’t stay up to date with the latest innovations, use your human power of creativity.

2. Cut Where You Can’t Cut

Sounds like a catch 22? Not at all. When it comes to presentations, stuffing as much information as possible into the slides is a bad idea. Slides are your helpers, not your substitutes. Give as much information as possible verbally. Put only the main points on the slides.

When you look at your presentation, you probably think that you can add something. Instead, remove a couple of sentences from each slide.

Remember the old tale about the rock, pebbles, and sand in a jar? When it comes to presentations, you should never put any pebbles and sand on your slide. Rocks are more than enough to make your presentation appealing. Sand and pebbles will only get in the way (as they often do in life, by the way).

3. Don’t Forget About Alignment

The design of your presentation matters. In order for the slide to appear presentable, you have to align the objects properly. According to presentation designers at PresentationGeeks, aligning objects is easy. But if you forget to do it, your slides may look unreadable.

  • Hold down the “shift” button and click on the objects you want to align
  • Go to the “options” bar and select “arrange”, then choose “Align or distribute”
  • Choose “Align to Slide”
  • Choose “Arrange” and then “Align or Distribute”
  • Select the type of alignment you need

After all the alignment is done, make sure to run the presentation one more time to ensure that it appears the way you planned.

4. Quality is Your Quantity

Forget about improvisations. Unless you are a speaker with decades of experience, you are unlikely to be good at improvising in front of a large audience. Most likely, you’ll end up saying too many “umms”, “ehhs”, and (oh, no!) “hmmms”. Who likes those, anyway?

You should spend sufficient time writing the text for your presentation. It should be information- filled, short, and concise. Make sure to run the existing content by an editor. It doesn’t have to be a professional fiction editor or the like. It could be a couple of coworkers or family members.

Do you see them yawning and rubbing their eyes? Can they understand what you are telling them? Use their reaction to tweak your presentation.

5. Keep Your Audience in Mind

How well can your audience understand jargon? If you’ve got a conference room full of miners, then you can throw around such words as “drift” and “muckers”. But if you are selling your product to managers, who sit in the office, and know about mining from the reports they read, they’ll never understand what you are talking about.

In any case, keep your language simple. Even the most educated and informed listeners prefer simplicity. It helps them get your point quicker.

Of course, you shouldn’t talk as if you are speaking to kindergarteners, but keep the readability high. If you use the Flesch-Kinkaid test, don’t go below 60.

6. Use Humor and GIFs

Does your existing PowerPoint presentation appear well designed, concise and sprinkled with high-quality content and images? You may have forgotten something important.

Even the most serious presentations should be a bit diluted with humor. If you aren’t a born comedian, you can become a copycat and find some funny GIFs online. Just make sure they are related to the subject of your presentation.

Ideally, you can find moments in popular movies or cartoons, which help make your point and add a short video to your slides.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you give your audience a short break in the middle of the presentation. It’s your second chance to grab its attention.

7. Hire Professionals

Yes, hiring professionals may seem costly and unnecessary. But sometimes, their help is priceless. If you are at a loss as to how to make your presentation presentable or if you are pressed for time, professional assistance could save the day.

Final Thoughts

If you have enough time and determination to make your business presentation presentable, you can do it using the above tips. If not, consider hiring professional presentation designers.

Image Credit: RemoSoftware