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6 Ways for Brands to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Content Marketing

st-patricks-day-marketingSt. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, and everyone who has even a drop of Irish blood – or just loves every drop of Irish beer – is excited. But before you can sit down, relax and drink a Guinness, you need to make sure your brand is in on all the St. Paddy’s Day excitement. You can do this by incorporating the holiday into your content marketing efforts in the following ways.

1. Educate Your Audience with Irish-Themed Blog Posts

It’s always nice to know the reasons behind why we celebrate certain holidays. With so much emphasis on simply turning everything green and drinking Irish drinks, it’s good to mix things up with some facts about St. Paddy’s Day. So if you’re looking for a few blog ideas, why not write about who Saint Patrick was and why he gets his own day? Or maybe just write about Ireland in general. You get bonus points if you can connect this holiday to your brand in some way. For example, if you’re in the travel industry, a blog about the cities with the best St Patrick’s Day parades would interest your audience. If you’re in the food industry, a few great Irish recipes would be a good idea for a blog post.

2. Offer Fun Facts on St. Paddy’s Day via Social Media

Another content marketing idea for this holiday involves tossing out a few fun facts on your social media pages. For instance, you can point out that Saint Patrick wasn’t even Irish, or that the color traditionally associated with him was blue, not green. Again, if you can come up with a way to connect these facts to your brand, you’ll grab the attention of your audience even faster.

3. Get Noticed with Holiday Hashtags

Any time you market your content on social media, you should add a few hashtags to make it easy for people to find you. On St. Patrick’s Day in particular, some popular hashtags include #StPatricksDay, #stpatrick, #paddysday, #Irish, #shamrock, #ireland, and #leprechaun. Add a few of these hashtags on any posts you make on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. on St. Patrick’s Day. Jameson Irish Whiskey has already set a great example for marketers on Twitter by using hashtags like #StPatricksDay.

4. Go Green

This St. Patrick’s Day marketing tactic is easy. Just turn everything on your social media pages green for the day, or even the whole week. You can also post festive St. Patrick’s Day pictures on your pages. This might mean changing your cover and profile pictures on Facebook, profile and header pictures on Twitter, your profile picture on Instagram… pretty much any social media account that has pictures! Pinterest, in particular, is a great place to showcase your spirit when it comes to this holiday, because you can create a whole board of green and Irish-themed pins.

5. Focus on the Luck of the Irish with a Contest

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse for a fun contest that will interest your audience. After all, there’s that whole “luck” theme when it comes to the Irish. You can ask some trivia questions on your company’s Facebook page, and offer a prize – such as a free product or gift card – to the first person to answer correctly. Or you can ask people to post pictures of themselves wearing green, at which point they will be entered into a raffle for a prize. Make sure they use at least one of the Irish-themed hashtags you’re using for your brand’s social media posts!

6. Offer a St. Patrick’s Day Discount

Any holiday is a good reason for a discount that your customers will appreciate. If you sell any green or Irish-themed products, now is the time to put them on sale, like Amazon did with its page full of St. Patrick’s Day deals. Or you can just advertise a discount on everything and tell people it’s their lucky day!

Do you plan to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day into your content marketing strategy? How?