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5 Ways to Use Videos to Enhance Customer Success

5 Ways to Use Videos to Enhance Customer SuccessIn this video, I talk with Rob Reid, CEO of VidProQuo, about five ways to use video to enhance customer success. Keep these five ways to enhance customer success in mind as you incorporate video into your customer strategy.

  1. Give Customers the Power to Manage their Needs

Today’s customer wants to feel empowered during the buying process. They want to be able to answer their questions through digital research. When my son has a problem he needs to solve, he heads to YouTube or the company’s website to look for a video.

You have to find out where your customers are going to answer their questions, and then create content for that platform.

  1. Make Difficult Information Easy to Understand

Information is in high demand, but customers want information they can digest quickly. While how-to or assembly videos are highly valuable, they can feel like sitting through a college lecture.

We want you to create video that is simple and engaging. Video has an incredible power to convey information in a relational way, which brings us to our third way to use video to enhance customer success. 

  1. Personalize Your Video Content

If you create content for everyone, you reach no one. You want to speak in your videos like you are speaking to a friend. Keep the language relaxed and genuine. 

  1. Use Analytics to Improve the Process 

Analytics has the power to improve your results, but there is a learning curve involved. Luckily, there are several different platforms out there that help you manage your video analytics. One of those platforms is Vidyard.

  1. Save Time!

FInally, video enhances the customer process by saving the customer time. Instead of reading a long FAQ page, customers can watch a short explainer video to answer their questions. If you aren’t using videos on your FAQ page, then you are losing customers. Today’s consumer simply does not want to waste their time reading.

Watch the video to learn more about all of these strategies and how they can help your business.

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