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5 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Should Use Live Video

Video has been an amazingly effective marketing tool for B2B businesses in recent years, which is good because about 72 percent of B2B buyers watch videos before making purchasing decisions. But one marketing tool that hasn’t taken off quite as much within B2B marketing is live video. Sure, it’s still new, but many major B2C brands have already embraced it, with Chevrolet, BuzzFeed, and Target being just a few examples. Far fewer B2B marketers have tried it out. But here are five reasons they should.


1. It’s a Simple Way to Increase Audience Engagement

The main reason live video is great for marketers is that it gets audience members excited about content. You already know that video in general is hugely popular when it comes to marketing. Live video is even more well-received by viewers because it creates a sense of urgency, so they feel compelled to stop what they’re doing and watch now, something that recorded video cannot do. Plus, your viewers are aware they’re watching at the same time as many others, creating a sense of community. They can also leave questions and comments on your videos, which you can answer within minutes. This is probably why live videos get 10 times more comments than recorded videos.

2. Live Video Is Easy to Try

Gone are the days when you needed to hire a whole crew with camera equipment to make a few videos for your brand. Now you can use one of the many live video apps on your smartphone. Periscope and Facebook Live are some of the most popular live video options, and they’re free and easy to use. If you’re brand new to live video, you can practice a little by yourself, such as by using the handy “Only Me” feature on Facebook Live. But within minutes, you’ll likely feel adept enough to start broadcasting for your brand.

3. There’s Not Much Competition for Live Video in B2B Marketing

Currently, the demand for live video is high, and since so few B2B companies have gotten into it, the supply is low. This means that just getting a few live videos up sets you apart from your B2B competition. Of course, this won’t be the case if you wait until next year, when nearly all brands will have ventured into the world of live video. This is why you’re encouraged to try it out now. After all, with live video apps being easy and free to try, you have nothing to lose.

4. There Are Numerous Situations You Can Capture on Live Video

It’s hard to run out of ideas when you use live video to create B2B content. For example, you can livestream major events that your audience would appreciate, such as presentations, seminars, and industry announcements. You can also focus on getting behind-the-scenes looks that viewers will love, with product sneak peaks, quick interviews with employees and influencers, product demonstrations, and casual tours being some examples of live video ideas. A more specific example involves HubSpot, which once livestreamed a video of their employees at an improv class! In addition, Brian Fanzo, CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, has livestreamed everything from keynote speeches to interviews with brands just before big events, such as South by Southwest. His blog features more livestreams he’s posted so you can get an idea of what might work for your B2B brand.

5. Live Video Is Easy to Repurpose

Not only are there lots of great ideas that work well for live video, but once you have the footage, you can download it and use it elsewhere. For example, you can record your Facebook Live video and then upload it on your brand’s YouTube channel. You can also embed it on your website. If you’re going to post lots of live videos for your brand, consider creating a new section on your site just for videos, akin to a blog that gets frequently updated with new posts. This creates yet another reason to keep people coming back to your website for more. And of course, you can complement your videos by writing blog posts and social media updates that answer questions that your live videos might have raised.

Have you added live video to your B2B marketing mix yet? Why or why not?