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5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Digital Marketers

Digital marketers wear so many hats that it’s no surprise they are constantly on the go and need some help from time to time. Luckily, there’s an app for that! In fact, there are several. These are just some of the most popular apps that digital marketers can use for help managing social media accounts, measuring marketing success, and learning more about this field, all without slowing down.

1. Hootsuite

hootsuiteManaging your many social media accounts is easy when you have Hootsuite on your phone. This free app makes it easy for you to schedule posts for the future, post on several accounts at once, and keep track of any Twitter mentions and messages. And when you pay just $10 per month for Hootsuite Pro, you get access to Hootsuite Suggestions, an app that offers a list of ideas for social media posts for your company. Imagine getting a good chunk of your social media posting done from your phone while you wait in line somewhere, leaving you with more time to do the digital marketing tasks that haven’t gone mobile yet.

2. Analytics App

If you want to access your Google Analytics info from your phone or tablet, the Analytics App can help. You can take a quick look at how many leads you’ve obtained, which blog posts got the most views, and which keywords were most successful in reaching your audience. More specifically, you can access 55 reports, including reports on content, traffic, visitors, events, and other detail that are important to digital marketers.

3. Feedly

feedlyWhen you need to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the digital marketing industry, add the Feedly app to your smartphone. This website aggregator lets you choose which topic or specific blog you want to follow, and then it sends you the content that you are interested in. So if you have limited time to read about industry news each day, you can count on Feedly to save you the time and trouble of visiting multiple blogs and searching for relevant content.

4. Perch

When you want to know who is talking about your company, you need Perch. The point of this free app is to offer you a “bird’s eye view” of everything that is happening online involving your company – or even your competition. That’s right; you can set this up to keep an eye on both your business and others in your field. This means you can get alerts about social mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and more. You’ll also be alerted when someone leaves a review for your business on Yelp or checks in on any social network. This handy digital marketing app makes it easy for you to keep tabs on your business while on the go.

5. Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite

This free app is based on a book that strives to answer the top questions that digital marketers ask. The main subjects it covers include digital marketing tools, ways to use digital marketing skills to promote your company, branding basics, and tips on making money online. Whether you have a question about digital marketing or just need a fast answer that can help you reply to someone else’s marketing question, having Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite on your phone can help.

Do you use any of these apps, or can you recommend any other apps for digital marketers? Let us know in the comment section below!