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5 Content Marketing Trends for 2020

5 Content Marketing Trends for 2020

As 2020 approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you can improve your marketing mix. And as you’ve noticed by now, every year brings a few new content marketing trends that put brand new technology to good use…and 2020 is no exception! So, as you come up with your marketing strategy for the next year, take a look at five new content marketing trends for 2020 you should try out.

1. Live Video

If you’ve been paying attention to content marketing online, you already know that live video is pretty popular. How many brands have you seen that feature live videos on Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat, etc.? And lots of people are actually watching them, so they’re definitely worth trying out—which is why they’ll continue to be popular in 2020. In fact, Facebook found that its users spend 3x more time viewing live videos than traditional videos!

So why is live video so interesting to viewers? Well, since it’s in real-time, it comes across as more authentic than the polished videos people are used to watching when it comes to content marketing. Live video doesn’t have to be perfect. The fact that it’s not is actually part of its charm. Also, with live video, brands can offer two-way communication with their target audience as they answer questions, offer product demos, present interviews with subject experts, etc. So be sure to incorporate live video into your content marketing plan in 2020!

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2. Voice Search

Another content marketing trend for 2020 is the use of voice search. In particular, as more people use voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, brands are going to need to optimize for voice search. After all, by 2020, about 30 percent of online browsing will be done without a screen at all! So you want to make sure voice assistants will refer to your content whenever possible, which means you want it to be the featured snippet that comes up first, much like being first in the traditional Google search results.

To do this, make your content conversational so it sounds the way your customers would talk about it. You should also make sure your content includes long-tail keywords, as well as phrases that describe the area around your location—such as nearby landmarks. Plus, you should make sure “near me” appears in your title tags, anchor text, and any other content you have. Following these tips should help you succeed at content marketing for voice search in 2020.

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3. Interactive Content Marketing

Engagement is big, and the easiest way to engage audiences is to interact with them. This way, they’re not just skimming the page and then exiting within seconds. Instead, they’re sticking around to provide their thoughts after seeing yours.

To make your content interactive, you can create quizzes, surveys, polls, and interactive live video. Contests and games are also great for getting your audience involved with your content. Plus, providing interactive content is a simple way to personalize your content for your audience, which is popular right now. In fact, personalized content can increase customer spending by 500 percent, so it’s definitely worth trying in 2020, and interactive content makes that easy.

4. Different Content for Various Online Communities

Speaking of personalizing your content, another trend is to create different content for different online communities—meaning you’re customizing content based on where your audience is reading it. For example, most social networks—such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn—allow people to create groups centered on shared interests. These are great places to go to talk to potential customers to get feedback and reviews on products, or simply make announcements about your brand.

So if you’re marketing a video game, you can make it a point to participate in a few gaming groups on Facebook, Reddit, Quora, etc. Make sure you’re not just posting about your brand, but also adding value to conversations about games. And of course, provide different content for each community you join if you want to succeed at this type of content marketing. As long as you come across as authentic, you’ll likely be rewarded with great word-of-mouth marketing about your product, and that’s priceless!

5. Immersive Content

Finally, your content will need to be more than just read or watched in 2020. You’ll need to incorporate some advanced technology, such as AI. One of the most popular ways to use AI is through chatbots on your website. After all, the 2018 State of Chatbots Report found that 55 percent of respondents said they would enjoy getting an instant response from a chatbot, and 35 percent of people said they would like to see more companies using chatbots regularly.

So it’s a good thing that Chatbots Life found that 85 percent of consumer interactions will likely be handled without human agents by 2020. Make sure you get on board by then with a chatbot on your website that will answer basic questions for consumers, freeing you up to run your business. Chatbots are perfect for answering simple questions about your service, providing details regarding payment and product delivery, and recording customer feedback.

Another way to provide immersive content in 2020 is to use virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) on your website, such as through experiences that let consumers demo your product. This technology makes it possible for people to feel like they’re actually using the product as they decide if they want to purchase it. You can also create fun games for your audience to play, increasing engagement through a more modern version of content marketing.

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Are you familiar with any of these content marketing trends you can expect in 2020? Let us know which ones you’re already using, and which ones you’re most excited to try!

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