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3 Ways to Refresh Your Marketing for the Summer

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, The Marketing Scope.

marketing-for-the-summer-arSummer’s here, and depending on where you’re located, it’s probably hot, humid, or possibly both. Instead of focusing on how darned hot it is, incorporate the best parts of summer into your marketing plans. Follow these three ideas you can use in your marketing for the summer.

1. Add a Summer Theme to Your Marketing Campaigns

If your current marketing tactics are working pretty well but you still want to try out a new angle, just summer-ize them! No, this doesn’t mean you should condense them; it means you should add a little summer twist to them. For example, if you have a newsletter that you send customers, throw in some content about avoiding sunburns, staying safe around the pool, or making their own ice cream this summer.

You can also get their attention with some fun branded products, such as beach balls, hats, beach towels, or sunglasses with your logo on them. If you don’t have the budget for such products, you can simply give out bottled water, hot dogs, or popsicles with your logo on the packaging. Customers will appreciate your help staying cool, and “cool” just happens to be one of the terms you want associated with your brand!

2. Show Some Customer Appreciation with Summer Events

You’ll probably be barbecuing and swimming this summer anyway, so why not do some marketing at the same time? You can help your target audience enjoy summer by hosting customer appreciation events, such as a barbecue or pool party. You can also give away tickets to local amusement parks, water parks, concerts, or ball games. This is also the perfect time to break out the summer-themed branded gear!

If you don’t think you could host your own customer appreciation event, consider participating in other events around town. Surely there are a few local events where you could sit at a booth and pass out marketing materials and branded products. At the very least, you can go and hand out business cards or coupons at local fairs, festivals, sporting events, and concerts.

3. Offer Specials Just for Summer

If you have a new product or service coming up, now is the time to debut it. Better yet, consider offering something only in the summer so people look forward to it for the rest of the year. Just look at how popular pumpkin spice coffee, creamer, ice cream, and pretty much anything else with pumpkin is in the fall! If you get anywhere near that popularity with your summer products, you’ll know you’ve achieved success.

If you can’t offer a particular product or service only in the summer, consider at least reducing the price for this season. You can offer a simple percentage or dollar amount off, or you can make it more interesting. For example, maybe offer a discount when customers buy more than one item. This will especially benefit you if summer is your slow time. If you are fairly busy but just have an off-peak time when you are slow, consider offering a discount during that time.

Another option is to lower your rates depending on the temperature. For instance, if the temperature reaches 100 degrees, offer 10% or maybe $10 off. You can do the same with humidity; every time the humidity reaches 80%, offer 20% off purchases. Of course, you can come up with your own deal. What counts is that you only offer it in the summer, and that you let everyone know about it via social media!

Have you changed up your strategy to include marketing for the summer? If so, how?

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, The Marketing Scope
Email:, Twitter: @AutumnEditing