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14 Digital Marketers to Follow on Twitter

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, The Marketing Scope.

No matter how much you know about digital marketing, you probably don’t know it all. The minute you think you’ve mastered the marketing industry, a new app, social network, or device comes out, and you feel like a newbie again. Luckily, you have plenty of resources to help you get up to speed on the marketing world, and digital marketers on Twitter are just one of them. More specifically, these 14 digital marketing experts act as great resources, thanks to their tweets on social media, content marketing, branding, and more.

This list is not in any particular order and it’s certainly not all-inclusive. These are just my favorite digital marketing experts to follow, and you’ll see why when you check them out on Twitter!

1. Jay Baer – @jaybaer
New York Times Best-Selling Author, President of Convince & Convert

This well-known digital marketer has more than 164,000 followers on Twitter. His posts mostly consist of links to blogs about content publishing, mobile marketing, and ecommerce, to name a few topics. He also links to his podcast, Jay Today, which focuses on social media marketing, content marketing, and other topics that digital marketers are interested in.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk – @garyvee
CEO of VaynerMedia

Gary has 1.16 million followers for a reason. Well, for a few reasons, actually, the main one being that he tweets plenty of marketing advice that stems from his years as CEO of VaynerMedia. This company has created micro-content for brands that include Sonic, GE, and Spotify, to name a few. Look for the #AskGaryVee hashtag if you want to watch a video or hear a podcast that answers questions about marketing, ecommerce, social media, and more.

3. Ted Rubin – @TedRubin
Acting CMO for Brand Innovators, Social Marketing Strategist, and Keynote Speaker

This is another marketing expert with tons of impressive titles and years of experience in the digital marketing field. But what you really need to know is that Ted Rubin is a truly genuine guy who walks the talk when it comes to building relationships with people. His tweets consist of not only good advice on social marketing, but also conversations with anyone who engages with him on Twitter. And with more than 296,000 followers, there are a lot of conversations that take place on Ted’s Twitter page. He even has a few other Twitter accounts you can follow, including @Brand_Connector, @TomorroVision, @PeopleCurator, @RonRwoots, and @ThisDadWontQuit. So follow one or all of his Twitter pages, and say hi! He comes across as a nice, helpful guy both online and in person. You can also check out some of his videos and blog posts for The Marketing Scope if you want to gain some knowledge on brand advocacy, customer engagement, and brand ethics.

4. Shelly Kramer – @ShellyKramer
Digital marketing brand strategist, Co-founder of V3 Broadsuite

Shelly has over 81,800 followers and more than 165,000 tweets. The main topics she tweets about include entrepreneurship, the workplace, branding, and social media. Most of her tweets are links to other articles, words of advice from webinars, and retweets from other influential digital marketers, so you can learn a lot by following her.

5. Jeff Bullas – @jeffbullas
Social Media Marketing Strategist & #1 Content Marketing Influencer

When you check out some of his 221,000 tweets, you’ll see why Jeff Bullas has won so many awards and has more than 338,000 followers. His tweets mostly consist of links to his blog, which is a wealth of information on social media, digital marketing, and content. So it’s no wonder that most of his hashtags include #blogging, #SocialMedia, and #marketing. If you’re into these topics – and most digital marketers are – you should be following him on Twitter.

6. Seth Godin – @ThisIsSethsBlog
Author, Blogger, and Thought Leader

This is another marketer who mostly uses Twitter to link to his blog. But it must work well for him because he has 482,000 followers and counting. He has written 18 books, with topics ranging from leading movements to creating ideas that spread. So you can learn a lot from his tweets to his blog posts about marketing challenges, social entrepreneurs, and more.

7. Brian Solis – @briansolis
Author, Speaker, and Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group

Brian Solis joined Twitter the year this social network was born, in 2006. Since then, he’s been busy amassing more than 246,000 followers. His tweets tend to consist of links to both his own blog posts and content written by other marketing experts. So whether you want information about marketing, writing, or technology, this is the account to start following.

8. Chad Pollitt – @ChadPollitt
Author, Web Traffic Controller, and Co-founder of Relevance

If you want to be treated to advice on content marketing every time you go to Twitter, check out Chad Pollitt’s page. His 33,000 followers get to see tweets with links to content that teaches them how to grow their audience, improve their social media marketing plans, and make their content marketing strategy infinitely better. If these benefits appeal to you, go ahead and click the follow button when you get to Chad’s Twitter page.

9. Guy Kawasaki – @GuyKawasaki
Chief Evangelist of Canva and Former Chief Evangelist of Apple

His Twitter follower count – which is at 1.45 million – is almost as impressive as his resume. If you’ve heard of Apple, the Wikimedia Foundation, or U.C. Berkeley, then you’re familiar with a few of the companies for which he’s worked. Like many other marketing/business experts on this list, he has written several books and is also a keynote speaker. His tweets run the gamut, from posts on social media to entertaining videos, so you can’t go wrong by following Guy.

10. Brian Fanzo – @iSocialFanz
Social Media Strategist, Social Tech & Change Evangelist, Live Streamer, and Podcaster

Brian has been named among the top 50 professionals most retweeted by digital marketers, so his tweets must be pretty impressive. And clearly, most of his more than 42,000 followers are pretty engaged. His tweets include tips about social media, wisdom on live streaming, and facts learned from the many webinars he participates in.

11. Pam Dyer – @pamdyer
Brand Evangelist, Social Media Marketing Blogger, and Strategic Marketing Leader

If you think that’s a lot of titles for one marketing professional, you should know that this list is just the beginning. Pam Dyer is also a Forbes Top-25 Influencer, as well as a self-described geek. But that’s something her 108,000 followers don’t seem to mind, maybe because most of her tweets feature links to her blog posts about social media marketing, content marketing, social media analytics, website traffic, and more.

12. Ann Handley – @annhandley
Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, Marketer, and Author

If you write a lot, follow Ann Handley on Twitter. And if you don’t write much, you might want to start, since according to her blog, “You can be a good writer without being a good marketer. But I don’t think you can be a good marketer without also being a good writer.” So of course, most of her tweets focus on writing, publishing, and content marketing. These must be pretty popular topics on Twitter, because she has more than 15,500 followers who are privy to her 7,000+ tweets.

13. Brian Clark – @brianclark
Founder of CopyBlogger, Rainmaker Platform, Synthesis, and StudioPress

Now that you know that you need to be a good writer to achieve marketing success, your next step should be following Brian Clark on Twitter. More than 177,000 people already have! He may be a thought leader in the content marketing field, but he does offer tips on more than just blogging and publishing. His tweets also touch on conversion rates, entrepreneurship, and interesting quotes. If you actually prefer to only see tweets about writing, follow his @copyblogger account.

14. Rand Fishkin – @randfish
Founder of Moz, Blogger, and Author

Moz is a company that helps with everything from inbound marketing and SEO to social media and content. If you could use advice on any of these, follow Rand on Twitter. He has more than 256,000 followers who apparently appreciate his updates on technology, startups, and marketing in general.

Which digital marketers do you follow on Twitter? Can you think of anyone else who should be on this list?

By Autumn Rivers – Contributing Writer, The Marketing Scope
Email:, Twitter: @AutumnEditing



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