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Why Sales Hates You and Your Marketing Team (Video)

In this episode of the Marketing Mash video series, Eric and Jack Kosakowski, Global Head of Social Sales Disruption at The Creation Agency, discuss why the Sales Departments in organizations hate the Marketing Departments. Here are some highlights from the discussion:

Jack makes a point that salespeople are on the front lines talking directly to potential buyers and therefore have a better understanding of what the buyers are looking for. When Sales and Marketing are not properly aligned, and a marketing campaign doesn’t correlate with what those potential buyers are looking for, salespeople can actually get in trouble for modifying the messaging from the campaign when talking to a customer. Jacks says that there’s nothing worse for a salesperson than when the marketing strategy is disconnected from the actual buyers you are trying to sell to. Eric adds that it’s also bad when Sales isn’t invited into the marketing strategy meetings or isn’t a part of that process.

Eric introduces another reason why Sales hates Marketing by commenting on the way marketing results are sometimes measured. Jack believes that salespeople hate fluff – they don’t want to know about “impressions” or “likes” from a campaign – Sales wants concrete leads they can work with. Marketers’ clashing method of measuring for success is something that Eric wrote about in a related article, “4 Reasons Your Sales Team Hates You & Your Marketing Team“.

Another point that Jack brings up is lack of communication, and therefore, lack of alignment. Salespeople and marketers arguably carry very different thought processes, resulting with a difficulty in understanding one another. But if Sales and Marketing could make a better effort in understanding each other, and if they can be tied to the same numbers, Jack believes it would lead to more success. Eric and Jack also mention that because salespeople are typically incentivized by a commission and a marketers are paid on salary, the motivation for success may vary.

Watch the video below to learn why Sales hates Marketing and how to bridge the gap to create success between the two:

Jack Kosakowski – Global Head of Social Sales Disruption, The Creation Agency – @JackKosakowski1
Eric Vidal – Chief Content Officer, The Marketing Scope – @EricVMarketing