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What Should Marketers Do With All This Customer Data?

Marketers Need to Use Customer Data Effectively

If you’re like many marketers, you freeze like a deer in the headlights when someone mentions Big Data. Although collecting, analyzing and using customer data is a concern for a majority (72%) of business and IT leaders, just 44% have taken action to address it.

customer-data-inforWhy are so many marketers hesitating? Keeping up with the sheer volume and speed of collecting and applying customer data to marketing initiatives can seem daunting. Also, determining how to organize the volume and varied types of data so that it’s usable is a challenging task. Not to mention figuring out how to incorporate data from different channels, including mobile, to get a 360° customer view.

However, it’s critical for marketers to get in the game now, or risk falling behind their competitors in terms of being able to offer customers personalized omni-channel experiences.

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