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Video Marketing for B2B

clapper-board-1019607_960_720There’s often a bit of mystery around utilizing video marketing for B2B. Video marketing is most often associated with B2C. However, what’s easy to forget is- video marketing is for people. When you create a video to win another business as a client, there’s still a person watching your content. Businesses don’t watch videos. People, on behalf of the business are watching your content. Keep that in mind when creating your next B2B video piece.

Video Marketing is About the Experience

Video gives the viewer the feeling of being present. Consider the customer that’s learning something brand new. Giving them a personalized experience will make all the difference in understanding the content. Michael Litt, founder of Vidyard, said at the Vidyard Ignite Conference, “Every journey should begin with a video.” How can you give another business a first-hand experience of what you do? Give them a tour. Interview employees. Show how your product is made or how your service is executed. Behind the scenes video is a great way to make the viewer feel as if they’re a part of what you’re selling.

Make Your B2B Video Stand Out

Research shows that 72% of B2B marketers are using video as part of their marketing strategy. Obviously, it’s important to stand out from the pack. But how? Here are some of the top ways we’ve discovered that marketers are utilizing video:

  • Utilize Humor
  • Solve Your Customer’s Problem
  • Tap into Your Viewer’s Emotion
  • Have a Professional Looking Video
  • Optimize Your Video for Search

Want more ways to make the most of your B2B Video Marketing Strategy? You’re in luck! The Marketing Scope has partnered with Vidyard to produce an amazing *free* webinar! Tune in on March 29th to hear the Top 10 B2B VIdeo Marketing Trends. You’ll also see examples from the top B2B marketers and learn to incorporate viewer data to ensure success. Registration now open. Feel free to pass this invite onto a colleague.

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