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To Stay Competitive, You’ll Need to Unlock Marketing Automation’s Full Potential. Here’s How.

Marketing automationThe adoption of marketing technology—aka MarTech—has gone from being on many marketers’ wish lists just a few short years ago to being paramount to success in today’s digital economy. Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) are often the cornerstones of tech-savvy marketing departments, and statistics show more than half of B2B companies today—55 percent, to be exact—have gotten on board so far.

Why have so many companies opted-in? Marketing automation tools take over repetitive business tasks so teams can focus valuable energies elsewhere, saving time and resources. MAPs also assist in consumer targeting, improving the customer experience and enabling lead management and the potential for upselling. Those results can be fast, too. According to a recent survey, 63 percent of companies see benefits from their marketing automation investments within six months.

You’re probably asking yourself, “With all those positives, why aren’t 100 percent of B2B companies on the MAP train?” That same survey showed those lagging behind on MAP adoption struggle with system complexity, data quality issues, lack of relevant content, and budgetary restrictions, among other challenges.

Any of those sound familiar? Odds are they do. We’ve already brought you an analysis of trends to watch in B2B marketing automation, including the potential for deeper sales and marketing alignment and predictive analytics generating more personalized campaigns. There’s another trend we mustn’t overlook: The strategy and implementation struggles caused by the rapid growth of the industry. For your organization to get the most out of a MAP investment, you’ll need to know how to overcome these challenges.

On our sister site, BMG, Shawn Elledge has broken down what you need to know about MAPs, from digging deeper into those benefits and addressing how to best navigate the roadblocks to adoption so you can unlock your full marketing automation potential. If you want to stay up to speed, you’ll want to read this: Marketing Automation: Table Stakes for Today’s Businesses.

The Integrated Marketing Association (IMA) recently launched a research study on the Total Cost of Ownership for Marketing Automation. The study takes a closer look at the investment in time and resources required to implement a marketing automation platform. This study will remain open for the month of February. If you have already adopted marketing automation and have had it in place for more than one year, you can still take the survey here.

If you haven’t adopted marketing automation but would like a copy of the research study, simply register for the IMA newsletter here.

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  • Jocelyn

    I guess that marketing automation is not going anywhere soon. I’ve got interested in the tech after reading about GetResponse’s solution. Seems like it can help make work a bit easier.