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How to Master the Art of Successful Webinars (Video)

This is our 39th Episode of Marketing Mash featuring a recorded Blab podcast with industry experts discussing webinar strategy. Watch this video to hear about real companies that produce great webinars and get tips on how to master the art of successful webinars.

As a marketing tool, webinars is on the top for B2B lead gen marketing. Our industry experts discuss why marketers are taking an active role with sales departments to build the pipeline, and where webinars should come into play in your marketing strategy.

These experts even talk about how this marketing tool is now getting watered down with poorly-produced webinars that aren’t used to build trust, teach or engage. This is due to many companies not having a webinar-specific plan or defined goals which leads to unsuccessful, presentation-style webinars. Don’t let your webinar fall short – watch this video to learn tips on how you can create a webinar that drives engagement and builds value through conversation, interaction, enticing content and more.

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Daniel Newman – Contributing Writer & Co-CEO V3 BroadSuite – @DanielNewmanUV
Eric Vidal – Chief Content Officer, The Marketing Scope – @EricVMarketing
Brian Fanzo – Speaker, Writer & Podcaster – @iSocialFanz
Jack Kosakowski – eBRANDgelist & Sales Manager at Act-On Software – @JackKosakowski1
Jacob Curtis – Marketing Director – @JacobkCurtis