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How 5 Brands Are Using Twitter to Market for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's DayIf you’re even a wee bit Irish, it might shock you to know that for some brands, St. Patrick’s Day comes and goes without much of a fuss. But for others, it’s a holiday worth at least a few mentions on social media. So, in honor of St. Paddy’s Day this year, here’s what some big brands are doing on Twitter to make sure you don’t forget that March 17 is indeed a special day.

Coca-Cola Co.

This brand scored some points with fans of Ireland by educating its readers about the culture. Coca-Cola Co. took to Twitter to share an article with insider tips on Ireland, complete with beautiful pictures of the Cliffs of Moher and more.

The brand also shared a list of Irish recipes that use Coke as an ingredient. Smart! Even better is the fact that these links are to the brand’s own site, which has a collection of St. Patrick’s Day articles from the last several years.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is showing off its green donuts this year, and no, it’s not a health code violation. It’s a way to show some Irish pride! Krispy Kreme started rolling out pictures and videos of its festive green donuts late last week on Twitter, even going so far as to name them “O’riginal Glazed Doughnuts.”

The brand’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration was even mentioned on other social networks and then shared on Twitter. Krispy Kreme posted a video to its YouTube video of green donuts on a conveyor belt and called it a parade, and even made an Irish-themed Snapchat filter. Who knew a donut brand would be so passionate about St. Patrick’s Day?


It’s pretty much always St. Patrick’s Day for this Irish beer brand, so it’s no surprise that the countdown for the holiday began about a month ago on this Twitter page. Like Coca-Cola, the beer brand posted a link to perfect St. Paddy’s Day recipes that you can make with Guinness.

But most of the posts on this page are devoted to the brand’s charity contest, in which readers are encouraged to post images of themselves with beer mustaches – or even regular mustaches – and tag them #StacheforCharity. Guinness will then donate $1 per picture to the Guinness Gives Back Fund on St. Patrick’s Day. Combining beer, mustaches, and charity this March 17 has never sounded so good.

Jameson Whiskey

Not to be outdone by Irish beer, this Irish whiskey brand has also been tweeting about St. Patrick’s Day for over a month. In fact, this brand has been ready since right after the Super Bowl, when it started tagging posts with #StPatricksDay and #PaddysDay on its Twitter page.

And like Guinness, most of its posts have been about its contest in which the brand asks readers to post pictures of themselves “cheersing” with Jameson. Accordingly, the related hashtag is #CheersYourJameson, and the plan is for the brand to share many of the submitted pictures on St. Patrick’s Day in order to get the biggest cheers around the world. Other posts on this brand’s Twitter include fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day, drink recipes, and videos about both Ireland and Jameson Whiskey.


Hallmark does it up for almost every holiday, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. The Twitter festivities began in early March, starting with a few recipes for tasty treats, printable cards, and even ideas on how to host a beer tasting event for St. Patrick’s Day.

Hallmark has also posted links to printable activities for kids, and since they’re on the brand’s own website, anyone who clicks the links can easily see a range of Irish-themed products to buy before March 17. Now that’s how you market your brand using Twitter.

What’s your brand doing for St. Patrick’s Day? Have you published or seen any interesting Irish-themed Twitter posts this month?