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Content Marketing for Lead Gen with Linda West from Act-On Software (Video)

Watch our 50th episode of the Marketing Mash video series. This episode features a recorded Blab podcast from our Marketing Mash Live podcast show. In this video, our experts discuss content marketing and lead gen with Linda West, Director of Digital Marketing at Act-On Software.

Content for Lead Gen

Linda stresses that when figuring out your content marketing strategy for lead generation, the most important thing is to have a thorough understanding of your audience, who they are, and what you want them to do. To be successful, you have to know your audience and give them what they want.

With the popularity of content marketing and the Internet, so much content is out there for people to consume. So when formulating your content marketing strategy, keep in mind that your content needs to stand out by providing real, usable value to your audience. Shelly mentions a real-life case in which her client was trying to promote digital guides for lead generation, but did not take into consideration the quality of the content in those guides. Shelly warns that if you aren’t providing valuable, high-quality content to your audience after they give you what you want (their contact information as a lead), then you can really damage your reputation with your audience.

Taking the quality of your content into consideration, Linda suggests always having original content – provide something new that your audience hasn’t already heard of. One way to do this is to create a report, educating your audience on unique research that you’ve done. Linda talks about how her company, Act-On Software, not only hires contract writers but also has an in-house content team. One of their team’s tactics is to look for content outside of themselves, working with analysts, third parties and even customers to produce assets that are compelling. One of the top types of content that Act-On provides today is interactive video (video making use of pop-up CTA’s, or HTML pages displaying in the middle of the video).

What Types of Content Should I Use for Each Stage of the Funnel?

When deciding on which types of content to use for different stages in the funnel, keep in mind the topics you need to provide in each stage. Linda says that it’s more about your topics than it is about content format when it comes to creating your strategy. Her opinion is that videos, ebooks, social shares, infographics, webinars, etc., all apply to every stage of the funnel equally.

If you are introducing someone to your company who is at the top of the funnel, then shorter form content will be more successful, regardless of which type of content you choose to leverage. And, therefore, as the prospect goes further down the funnel, your content can have more in-depth, customized, and/or product-specific information. Linda recommends understanding what your audience is interested in and what they are thinking at each stage of the funnel, and then mapping out topics and positioning for each of those stages. She also says to mix it up with different types of content within each stage.

Top Content Marketing Concerns to Keep in Mind

  • Training your salespeople and content marketers on consistency and brand messaging
  • Making your training on-going as your content strategy changes and evolves
  • Create and utilize key content pillars (only a few) to weave into each piece that you produce
  • Manage your main content story so that all your pieces of content support that story
  • Always continue to learn about different and new ways to deliver information to your audience. As Linda says, “Refresh your understanding every day.”

To learn more about these topics in-depth, listen to the video below:

Eric Vidal – Chief Content Officer, The Marketing Scope – @EricVMarketing
Linda West – Director of Digital Marketing, Act-On Software – @misslindawest
Shelly Kramer – Contributing Writer & Co-CEO, V3 Broadsuite – @ShellyKramer