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Video Marketing

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Webinar Software

Your webinar software can do a lot more for you than simply conduct lead generation webinars; are you taking advantage of all the tools in your belt? While lead generation is crucial to any growing business, there’s a host of

Summit Live UK: Your Source for Video, Live Streaming and Disruptive Tech

By Victoria Taylor – Founder, Blend Social Summit Live UK Summit Live UK is a Live & Social Video and Disruptive Technology Summit that will take place in London, United Kingdom, on March 27, 28, and 29, and it’s selling out

Study Says Top Marketing Trends for 2017 Include Email and Video Marketing

While plenty of experts have used their experience to predict the top marketing trends for 2017, one company recently used keyword research to make predictions. More specifically, True Influence used its Intent Monitoring platform, called InsightBASE™, to use keyword searches

Want to win at Facebook Live? Here’s how.

Live streaming is a big deal these days. Platforms like the now defunct Meerkat and Periscope kicked it off, then, in April of this year, Zuckerberg announced the world’s largest social network would be adding live-streaming capabilities. Today, Facebook Live

5 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Should Use Live Video

Video has been an amazingly effective marketing tool for B2B businesses in recent years, which is good because about 72 percent of B2B buyers watch videos before making purchasing decisions. But one marketing tool that hasn’t taken off quite as

7 Quick Tips to Creating Quality Video Content

Creating quality video content requires a little more preparation and process than regular blog writing or other forms of content creation. There’s the set up, the content itself, the delivery of the content, the postproduction, the uploading and all of

Impacting The Buyers Journey with Online Events & Webcasting

Katherine P Jordan, VP of Marketing, INXPO. Use Cases To Nurture Your Customers At Each Stage Of The Buyers Journey. We know that buyers are spending more time than ever researching solutions to address their challenges. You’ve probably seen this

How Video Can Revive Traditional Marketing Practices

Marketing at its core is all about the messaging. What story are we trying to tell? How will we deliver it? Who do we want to hear it? And how will they consume it? Unfortunately, we can spend so much

Pinterest’s New Features Include Promoted Video

Pinterest was once known for being all about pictures, but video has become increasingly popular on this platform, which is why Promoted Video – or video ads – is among its latest features. After all, Pinterest recently reported that there’s

LinkedIn Now Lets Influencers Upload Short Videos to the Site

While some social networks have been focusing on offering live video streaming, LinkedIn has been busy trying to incorporate regular ol’ videos on the site. Currently, only Influencers have the option to record and upload videos to the site, but