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Top 10 Best Practices in Sales Enablement

By Rachel Davidson, Content Specialist, Highspot As sales enablement professionals implement powerful content management and customer engagement tools, they also need to ensure each is optimized to the fullest.  It’s the only way they’ll turn their sales opportunities into competitive advantages. It

Five Sins to Confess When Marketing a Startup Product

By Tahir Akbar Marketing Manager at IQVIS Startups are icons of innovation in any economy and they play a very important role in economic growth by disrupting the status quo. According to GEM Global Report, a staggering 100 million startups are

Report Polls Major Brands on Influencer Marketing Practices

Influencer marketing has been a popular marketing tactic for years, but how effectively are marketers using it, and how has it evolved over time? That’s what Traackr and TopRank Marketing set out to discover when they partnered up last year

Register Today for Localization 101: Connecting Global Brands with Global Audiences

It is easier than ever for brands to sell internationally via ecommerce. However, to build a global brand, companies must develop a smart localization strategy. Products, the language used to name and describe them, and the visual elements used to

Want Your Finger on the Pulse of B2B Digital Marketing in 2017? This Report is For You

Digital marketing, an important tool for businesses in all industries and of all sizes, is constantly changing. But Demand Wave’s 2017 Digital Marketing Report is here to show the hottest trends and proven methods in digital marketing. Demand Wave has

Creating Micro-moments of Influence to Secure Customer Loyalty

By Heidi Unruh,  Vice President of Marketing, North America, e-Spirit Inc. There has never been a more complicated time to be a marketer. Think about all the different channels available to reach consumers today – websites, mobile apps, social channels, IoT, wearables,

To Stay Competitive, You’ll Need to Unlock Marketing Automation’s Full Potential. Here’s How.

The adoption of marketing technology—aka MarTech—has gone from being on many marketers’ wish lists just a few short years ago to being paramount to success in today’s digital economy. Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) are often the cornerstones of tech-savvy marketing

Want to Bring Sales and Marketing Together to Increase Revenue? Don’t Miss This Event.

In this digital age, marketing teams and sales teams are connected on multiple levels. Without marketing, sales teams would be find it extremely difficult to create engaging conversation about a product. On the flipside, without sales, marketers would be branding

Your Business Needs a Laser Focus on the Learning Economy—Here’s Why

Thanks in large part to the mobile mind shift of consumers and the anywhere/anytime availability of information, customers today aren’t exactly struggling to find what they need online. Rather, it’s often so available that they’re keen to ignore the “noise”

Creating Discovery Questions for Your Sales Team 

Marketing teams and sales teams perform different, yet related, functions that, truthfully, amount to means to an end: A profitable, growing company. Cutting through the sales v. marketing noise and working to enable one another with the necessary tools and