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Marketing Week in Review – April 22, 2017

Welcome to this week’s marketing in review. This week’s highlights: discover what local search factors are working in 2017, find out more about “shared viewing,” and explore marketing technology options. We’ll tell you why the Portland Trail Blazers are celebrating

How to Turn In-House Experts into Influencers: PTC’s Josh Buckley on Influencer Programs

Influencer marketing has become a buzz term as B2B marketers try to cut through the clutter and reach key audiences. But reaching influencers—and growing a stable of in-house thought leaders who can act as industry influencers—remains a challenge. Josh Buckley is senior director of

Study Finds That 15 Percent of Twitter Users May Be Bots

If you’re on Twitter and happened to have a childhood dream of being friends with a robot, you’re in luck, because you might be connected with one on Twitter. According to a study by Indiana University and the University of

Marketing Week in Review – April 8, 2017

This week in marketing news, we will find out the future of “fake news” in Google’s search results, learn more about influencer marketing, and discover the running social champion of live video. Plus, learn how Facebook is making it easy

Facebook Video Pays Big Dividends for Marketers

It’s 2017, and you likely already know video is one of the top content formats to use if you want to get your audience’s attention. But which video platform should you use if you plan to share videos on social

Facebook Reactions Have Become More Important Than Likes

Remember when getting a “like” on your Facebook status update was the highest honor you could receive on the social platform? Well, things have changed a bit. With the arrival of Facebook reactions in 2016, the “like” has been downgraded

How 5 Brands Are Using Twitter to Market for St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re even a wee bit Irish, it might shock you to know that for some brands, St. Patrick’s Day comes and goes without much of a fuss. But for others, it’s a holiday worth at least a few mentions

Marketing News and Week in Review : March 12,2017

For those who love marketing AND sports (especially college basketball), this is a big week coming up! March Madness brackets opened up today and the first games start Tuesday. So before we all get sucked the vortex that is college

Marketing Week in Review: March 4, 2017

Whether we’re talking Facebook Messenger changes, Snapchat’s music potential, mobile and desktop video viewing preferences, the future of robots in retail stores, or SMBs shift to digital marketing, there’s a ton of interesting things happening. Here are the things we

Report Reveals Some Secrets to Success for Travel Brands on Instagram

If your brand deals at all with travel, you need to make Instagram one of your marketing tools.  According to a recent report, this social network is invaluable for brands in the travel industry. More specifically, Chute found that Instagram