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6 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy is Totally Failing [and how to fix that]

By Aaron Lee – V3B. I get emails almost every week from bloggers and writers who are frustrated at how content marketing strategies don’t seem to work. Some are even on the verge of giving up. Their email would start

Andy Crestodina’s Philosophy on Data Analytics and Marketing (Video)

In this episode of the Marketing Mash video series, Eric interviews Andy Crestodina, Co-founder & Strategic Director of Orbit Media Studios. Eric and Andy discuss data-driven decision making: finding data evidence before taking actions. Andy talks about his philosophy in

What Are the Most Expensive Google AdWords Keywords?

If your Google AdWords budget is tight, you’ll want to know the most expensive keywords so you can avoid trying to rank for those. This is especially good to know if you’re in the legal industry, because according to research

Talking SEM and Google SERPs with Mark Smith of Keyword First (Video)

In this episode of the Marketing Mash video series, Eric interviews Mark Smith, Co-Founder of the Chicago-area agency, Keyword First, in a live Blab podcast session. The conversation kicks off with Mark sharing how the SERP (search engine results page)

The Most Effective B2B Marketing Strategy: SEM

Marketing at its finest delivers value to both the customer and the brand. For a B2B marketer, it’s a matter of placing your information or message at the right place at the right time so that just the right prospects

How Google's SERPs Have Changed in 2015

By Autumn Rivers – Editor, The Marketing Scope. It seems Google can’t go a whole year without making some sweeping changes, and 2015 has been no exception. The search engine results pages, in particular, have been modified quite a bit.

2016 Is Your Chance to Get Real About SEO

By Deren Baker – CEO of Jumpshot. SEO is a higher-stakes game than it used to be. The SEO process now involves cultivating micro-influencer relationships, crafting original content, and gathering a social following while still delivering top rankings for organic searches.

Succeeding in Search Today Means Hitting a Mobile Target

By Mark Smith – Founder of KeywordFirst. The ability to hit a moving target while operating at high speed now has become critical to Internet marketers. A recent report from eMarketer tells this tale. According to BIA/Kelsey data, mobile search

Searchmetrics Releases Study of Ranking Factors for Top Search Results on Google

Searchmetrics Ranking Factors 2015: Quality Content Is More Important Than Ever, Finds New Study New research from Searchmetrics, the leader in Search Experience Optimization which includes SEO and Content Performance Marketing, concludes that Google is now better able and more

4 Free Tools to Boost Your Local SEO Success

By Autumn Rivers – Editor, The Marketing Scope If you are pretty confident that you have mastered SEO, here’s another challenge for you: Local SEO. If this phrase has you feeling stumped, don’t worry. There are a few free tools