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Marketing Automation

Five Reasons You Need a GREAT CRM 

Customer, relationship, and management. Three words, which when considered separately can have huge significance for any business. Combining them under one umbrella can however make for an even more potent mix, one that can deliver real business benefits in today’s

Marketing Automation Trends You Should Know About

The B2B marketing world is constantly evolving, and new technologies are changing how companies conduct marketing campaigns. Automation is a technology that enhances B2B marketing on various levels. But what exactly are the benefits of automation in your marketing campaign?

Need the Equation for Marketing Automation Success? Here It Is

We’ve made it a point to monitor the trends in marketing automation (MA) for one reason: We believe it’s the future of sales and marketing, changing everything about your business and how you find, connect with, nurture, and close leads.

Lead Gen Fails & Pet Peeves: Tactics You Should Avoid (Video)

In this episode of the Marketing Mash video series, Marketing Specialist Shaelyn McCormack joins Eric in sharing what unsuccessful lead generation tactics they’ve both encountered—and what ones they personally consider their pet peeves. While lead generation can be key in

To Stay Competitive, You’ll Need to Unlock Marketing Automation’s Full Potential. Here’s How.

The adoption of marketing technology—aka MarTech—has gone from being on many marketers’ wish lists just a few short years ago to being paramount to success in today’s digital economy. Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) are often the cornerstones of tech-savvy marketing

Want Customer Acquisition? Make Marketing Automation Part of Your Game Plan

Marketing automation is undoubtedly something that is on most marketers’ radar screen for the coming year—and that’s a good thing. Marketers’ roles have undergone significant transformation and in most companies the marketing team is charged with attracting, nurturing, and filling

Segmenting Your Lead Database is More Important Than You Thought

Learn Why in this FREE Guide. The watershed of consumer data of late has changed a lot for marketers. For starters, it’s blurred the lines that previously separated IT, sales, and marketing. Marketing Technology (MarTech) tools like Marketing Automation Platforms

B2B Marketing Automation Market Trends

It’s data’s world, and we’re just in it—at least, that’s what it feels like sometimes when you consider the exponential amount of information generated, collected, and stored in the digital marketplace. This big data explosion has changed everything for marketers,

Four Reasons to Look at SMS Marketing

Have you been so focused on digital transformation, mobile-first initiatives, and creating (and measuring) engaging content that you’ve completely forgotten about the potential of SMS (text) marketing? It’s time to un-forget—and quickly—because this strategy is hot right now. It’s so

The Practical Guide to B2B Segmentation

So you have invested in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and a Marketing Automation platform (MAP). You’re capturing leads and running campaigns. And you’re ready to do more with your lead database. Whether your next goal is to create more