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Concerns Based Selling Series: Anticipating Buyer Concerns

By Stu Schmidt – Contributing Writer, Entrepreneur and Coach. This marks the halfway point of our concerns-based selling series, and I’ve covered quite a bit thus far. You’ve learned why people buy—i.e., how motive informs consumers’ purchasing decisions—as well as

Concerns Based Selling Series: Recognizing Buyer Concerns

By Stu Schmidt – Contributing Writer, Entrepreneur and Coach. In part one of our concerns-based selling series, Why Do People Buy?, I discussed a core truth central to everything we know about sales and marketing: For buyers, motive is everything.

Study Examines How People Use Smartphones While Shopping in Stores

As the holiday shopping season nears, marketers might be thinking about how they can entice consumers to notice their brand. Well, Euclid Analytics recently released a study focusing on how consumers shop and why, and how people use smartphones when

What One Survey Can Tell You About Retailers This Holiday Season

Whether you’re looking for some holiday marketing tips or just wondering what kind of marketing tactics your favorite retailers will be using after Thanksgiving, you’ll want to check out the 2016 BDO Retail Compass Survey of CMOs. Since the survey

Learn B2B Buyer Content Preferences: New Report

Eighty-eight percent of B2B companies participate in content marketing today. There’s a good reason for that: While there are certainly challenges to strategizing with content, it’s effective when done well. That’s because buyers in this digital market rely on content—accessible,

What You Can Learn from a Recent Email Marketing Study

Earlier this year, IBM Marketing Cloud released the results of the 2016 IBM Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study. The company put together this report after collecting data from emails sent by almost 750 clients in 40 countries, across multiple industries.

Early Google Expanded Text Ad Performance Delivering Higher Click-Through Rates

Don’t blink, or you might miss an update from Google that affects your business. They recently added the machine-learning power of RankBrain, changing—among many things—how brands approach search and SEO. Now, as a key maneuver in slew of AdWords changes

New Study Says What Millennial Consumers Want. Will You Listen?

A big part of successful marketing hinges on knowing your audience. For many B2B companies, that means zeroing in on Millennials—you know, the generation that’s known digital since they could crawl. Now that they’re all grown up and making major

Candy & Costume Halloween Ecommerce for a Frightfully Good Holiday

By Kathryn Koegel – Content Director, HookLogic. Halloween is the 2nd biggest holiday next to Christmas in the minds of children. Times may change, but little kids love ringing doorbells dressed as the princess or super hero du jour. Americans

What You Can Learn from the 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Do you ever wonder which social media platform is the most popular among marketers, or which type of content gets published the most on social media? What about which platforms marketers plan to use more in the future? If these