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Experiential Marketing

Is Your Omnichannel Transformation Turning into a Game of Jenga?

By  Gurbani Ahluwalia of Jesta I.S. “Retail technology is like an iceberg: Everyone pays attention to the portion that’s visible, but it’s what’s below the surface that’s mission critical.” -Susan Reda, STORES Magazine The Erratic Shopping Journey Consumers today are more fickle

How to Use Experiential Marketing to Reach Millennials

By Steve Randazzo – Founder & President, Pro Motion Inc. Pop-ups, brightly colored billboards, screaming salespeople: This is all background noise to Millennials, and any attempt to grab their attention through these traditional means gets ignored like a bad smell

How to Use the 5 Senses to Build an Emotional Connection With Customers

By Steve Randazzo – Founder & President, Pro Motion Inc. Why does the smell of old books and musty carpet remind you of your first grade reading circle? Why does the sound of a passé pop song remind you of

What is Experiential Marketing? (Video)

Watch Episode 15 of our Marketing Mash Video Series to learn about experiential marketing and hear about a top brand that put together a very successful experiential marketing campaign in Israel. Did you know 95% of consumers that participated in

Viral Videos: Experiential Marketing

Heineken India – Viral Campaign A Voice that only you can hear – stand here to open you world, a Heineken India Viral Campaign 2013.   Coca-Cola Happiness Machine at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK They put a special