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Events (in-person & virtual)

Learn The Latest Collaboration Technologies and Techniques

Technology has changed the way companies communicate and conduct business in today’s marketplace. There is no longer the need to be in an office or at a desk to access your work. Mobile devices have allowed us to take our

Learn How Tech is Transforming Recruiting-March 28, 2017

Recruiting and hiring are signs your company is succeeding and growing. To continue that forward motion, you’ve got to recruit and retain the right talent, not just the most talent. Technology can help. Let’s examine how technology is transforming how

A Guide to Gift Giving for Event Marketers

By John Ruhlin – Founder & CEO, Ruhlin Group. Experiential marketing is one of the most effective tactics you can use to drive sales and engagement. Whether it’s at a trade show or a launch party event, an experience gives

Making The Most Out of Your Time at Events for B2B Marketers

Fall is a busy time for marketers. Not only are you budgeting and strategizing for the year ahead, but odds are you just got back or are about to attend one of the big in-person events coming down the pike.

Large-Scale Webcasting Services Survey Report

Discover How Industry Experts, Engineers and Executives Use and Assess Webcasting Services. Streaming Media magazine and Unisphere Research, along with Onstream Media Corp. and Transitions, Inc., set out to gauge trends in Large-Scale Webcasting by crafting a survey on viewing

Webcasting & Online Events 2016 Benchmark Report: How do your webcasts and events stack up?

Katherine P. Jordan – VP of Marketing, INXPO. Comparing your webcast and online event performance against a set standard is key to see just how well you are measuring up.  Capturing a slice of your target audience’s time during a

How to Make Your Online Event Data Do the Heavy Lifting

Leverage Marketing Automation for Maximum Event ROI Marketing automation, when configured properly with your online events, will: Allow you to map each phase of the attendee event experience while propagating profile data to amplify your marketing efforts and support your

Creating Content for Social Media Event Support with Karla Spormann (Video)

Watch this episode of the Marketing Mash video series to hear Eric’s interview with Karla Spormann, Founder & CEO of Tendo Communications. Eric and Karla talk about social media event support for live events (in-person and online) and why it

Webcasting & Online Events 2016 Benchmark Report by INXPO

A look at trends from attendance to engagement. Webcasts and online events are being used throughout the buyer’s journey to better nurture prospects, generate leads and provide best practices to buyers post-purchase. In this report, we will take a look

Learn Webcast and Webinar Tips from the VP of Marketing at INXPO (Video)

Watch this episode of the Marketing Mash video series to hear Eric speak with Kathy Pudi Jordan, VP of Marketing at INXPO, about webcast and webinar tips, experiences, and why online events are such a great marketing tactic. Read on