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Content Marketing

How to Turn In-House Experts into Influencers: PTC’s Josh Buckley on Influencer Programs

Influencer marketing has become a buzz term as B2B marketers try to cut through the clutter and reach key audiences. But reaching influencers—and growing a stable of in-house thought leaders who can act as industry influencers—remains a challenge. Josh Buckley is senior director of

Six Steps for the Perfect Video Campaign

You use all different kinds of content to market your product or service. Content marketing is like breathing these digital days—you just do it. It’s natural. It’s necessary. Video should be a staple in your content tool belt because—much like

Creating Content? 3 Simple Ways to Increase Engagement

By Kelsey Meyer President of Influence & Co. Between maintaining your company website, building a solid social media following, targeting audiences in online advertising, and nearly every other tactic digital marketing teams use today, what’s the one thing they all

3 Things Every Business Needs to be Successful

I have worked with hundreds of companies over the course of my 28+ year career. During the first 10 years of my career, I had my own business before I started consulting other business on how to be more effective.

When It Comes to Blog Content, Should You Go Short or Go Long?

In a world fueled by 140 characters or less, our attention span has grown increasingly shorter. Skimming content has become the norm. Armed with this information, you might assume consumers prefer shorter content created by brands over long form blog

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Tools

With 88 percent of B2B businesses marketing their content on a regular basis, the advent of content marketing tools makes sense. But how can they help you, and how do you know which one to choose? These are the questions

Need the Top Content Syndication Trends for 2017?

Modern marketers turn to content to accomplish a variety of goals. Some create collateral to inform, engage, and even support lead gen and account based marketing—or, in many cases, a combination of the three. Inefficient content marketing is expensive, and

Creativity on the Fly: The Rise of Lifestyle Content for Travel Brands

Driving Authenticity from Dreaming to Sharing. In a world where images and information can be shared in an instant, it’s no small challenge for travel brands to create compelling content that engages—and motivates—their target audience. Success doesn’t require extensive research

How Content Curation Fuels Your Social Media Efforts

Creating winning content for your brand as part of a well-rounded marketing strategy can be challenging, but it’s worth it. The same goes for curation, the process of finding relevant content created elsewhere online and passing it along to your

A Marketer’s Guide to Content Curation Tools

If you’re like 88 percent of B2B companies today, you’ve invested in content marketing—and for good reason, as it’s key to engaging your audience, furthering your reach, and making sure you’re using social media to the fullest. In the past,