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Brand Management

Your Business Needs a Laser Focus on the Learning Economy—Here’s Why

Thanks in large part to the mobile mind shift of consumers and the anywhere/anytime availability of information, customers today aren’t exactly struggling to find what they need online. Rather, it’s often so available that they’re keen to ignore the “noise”

Instagram’s Latest Changes Increase Ways for Brands to Get Exposure

Instagram has been getting more popular every year, having reached over 400 million users by 2016. So it’s no surprise that more brands have flocked to Instagram not just to share photos on their own business account, but also to

Report: Survey Explores How Consumers Prefer to Contact Retailers When Making a Purchase

If you dread calling retailers for answers to your questions – mainly because you know you’re about to be put on hold for the remainder of the day – you’re not alone. According to [24]7’s survey of over 1,000 consumers

Do You Know How to Solve Your Customers’ Problems?

In a recent post, we talked about the importance of feedback loops and how they help us access data and adjust processes based on analytics. In the fourth step of our process we solved the problem, but there is a

Concerns Based Selling Series: What You Can Learn from a Lost Deal

By Stu Schmidt – Contributing Writer, Entrepreneur and Coach. You win some, you lose some—such is true in both life and business. It’s human nature to celebrate our successes and try to move past our failures—but what if, in our

How 4 Brands Are Bringing Attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October, which means Breast Cancer Awareness Month has begun. Traditionally, this is the month when multiple brands turn everything pink and come up with cutesy hashtags to sell those pink products in support of breast cancer awareness. But while most

Study Finds That 92.5% of Brands Fail at Social Customer Service

Most brands now use social media on a regular basis, but it turns out that they don’t all use it correctly. In particular, few brands take social media customer service seriously, as a report by Rational Interaction recently revealed that

The Olympic Marketing Tactics of Both Sponsors and Non-Sponsors

If you’ve been paying attention to how brands have been marketing during the Olympics, you might have noticed some stark differences between even well-known companies. That’s probably because some brands have the advantage of being able to include words like

How Rule 40 Affects the Olympic Marketing Efforts of Smaller Brands

If it seems like only the big brands have been incorporating the Olympics in their marketing campaigns this summer, it’s not because the smaller brands are less patriotic. It’s just that they don’t have the money that the International Olympic

Employee Advocacy and Authenticity: Q&A with Autodesk’s Julie Hayes

By Randy Ksar – Voce Communications. Authenticity. It’s one of the most unique elements employees represent that typical marketing channels simply cannot. At Autodesk, equipping employees to convey that sense of authenticity by telling great stories has been a core