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The 10 Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads

If you watched Super Bowl LI, you know that the actual game was more entertaining than the commercials, which is a first if you’re not a football fan! So if you can’t stop talking about that amazing comeback by the

Study Shows How Marketers Buy Digital Ads

Buying digital ads is a big part of the marketing process in this day and age. After all, if you want to reach your audience members, you have to show up where they’re most likely to be looking, and that

Measuring Marketing Success on Facebook: Are Your Metrics Telling the Truth?

These days, there’s a lot more for companies to do on Facebook than post photos and status updates. The social media giant has become a useful marketing tool for brands both big and small, from providing retargeting options to partnering

6 Winning Strategies for Facebook and Instagram Ads

Find out which simple changes can lower your CPC by 40% while delivering a 31% lift in return on ad spend. Both Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram offer advanced targeting options that allow brands to get in front of new

Report: The Growing Use of Programmatic Ads Among B2B Marketers

If you’re not yet familiar with programmatic ads, it’s time to change that, because these types of ads are only getting more popular. In short, programmatic ad buying uses software to buy digital ad space, which is in contrast to

Early Google Expanded Text Ad Performance Delivering Higher Click-Through Rates

Don’t blink, or you might miss an update from Google that affects your business. They recently added the machine-learning power of RankBrain, changing—among many things—how brands approach search and SEO. Now, as a key maneuver in slew of AdWords changes

Why Display Advertising Out-Paced all Other Channels in Y/Y Growth

Display advertising—that is, the paid placement of text, video, or even audio ads on websites—has seen rapid growth of late. For many organizations, the move to up the display ante makes sense, especially when you factor in the increasing number

How to Choose Which Tweets to Promote on Twitter

If you’re marketing your brand on Twitter, you’ll want to try out promoted tweets to get more views and engagement for your posts. These tweets appear in the timeline of Twitter users, ensuring that even people who are not following

Candy & Costume Halloween Ecommerce for a Frightfully Good Holiday

By Kathryn Koegel – Content Director, HookLogic. Halloween is the 2nd biggest holiday next to Christmas in the minds of children. Times may change, but little kids love ringing doorbells dressed as the princess or super hero du jour. Americans

Pinterest’s New Features Include Promoted Video

Pinterest was once known for being all about pictures, but video has become increasingly popular on this platform, which is why Promoted Video – or video ads – is among its latest features. After all, Pinterest recently reported that there’s