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Five Reasons You Need a GREAT CRM 

Customer, relationship, and management. Three words, which when considered separately can have huge significance for any business. Combining them under one umbrella can however make for an even more potent mix, one that can deliver real business benefits in today’s

Learn How to Avoid 10 Common Marketing Data Mistakes at Upcoming Webinar

The best way to find out if your marketing efforts are on the right track is to constantly measure them and collect feedback. For example, by using marketing technology to track your audience’s online search habits and social interactions, you

Report Says Marketing Hiring Will Increase This Year

Digital marketing is on the rise in recent years, so it makes sense that marketing professionals will be increasingly in demand in the near future. And McKinley Marketing Partners recently provided evidence of this when it released the 2017 Marketing Hiring

Marketing Week in Review – April 22, 2017

Welcome to this week’s marketing in review. This week’s highlights: discover what local search factors are working in 2017, find out more about “shared viewing,” and explore marketing technology options. We’ll tell you why the Portland Trail Blazers are celebrating

How to Turn In-House Experts into Influencers: PTC’s Josh Buckley on Influencer Programs

Influencer marketing has become a buzz term as B2B marketers try to cut through the clutter and reach key audiences. But reaching influencers—and growing a stable of in-house thought leaders who can act as industry influencers—remains a challenge. Josh Buckley is senior director of

Study Finds That 15 Percent of Twitter Users May Be Bots

If you’re on Twitter and happened to have a childhood dream of being friends with a robot, you’re in luck, because you might be connected with one on Twitter. According to a study by Indiana University and the University of

Webinar Registration Dos and Don’ts

Webinars work. Their engagement rates are second only to in-person events, which makes sense in the patterns of modern-day work culture; in our hectic days, breaking away from our work flow, and adding travel time, to attend an in-person seminar

Infographic Shows How Online Reviews Affect Your Brand

If you’ve ever looked up online reviews before deciding what to buy and where to buy it, you already know the importance of positive reviews. But do you always apply this knowledge to your own business? If you haven’t yet

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Webinar Software

Your webinar software can do a lot more for you than simply conduct lead generation webinars; are you taking advantage of all the tools in your belt? While lead generation is crucial to any growing business, there’s a host of

The Omnichannel Journey [Report]

Earlier this year, Retail Week Connect released the 2017 report on the state of retail, based on interviews with 25 top retail executives. Although the report is not marketing-specific as it delves into issues such as supply chains and Brexit,