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4 Fresh Social Networks to Keep Up with This Year

By Autumn Rivers – Editor, The Marketing Scope.

If you’ve looked at the latest social media stats, it’s clear that Facebook is still the winner when it comes to the sheer number of users. But that doesn’t mean there’s not room for more social networks. Increasingly popular options like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest have proven that, and now a few more are poised to do the same. Here’s a look at some up-and-coming social networks for 2016.


The easiest way to figure out what this site is all about is to remember that it’s short for “Want, Need, Love.” So it’s an ecommerce site with a social slant. Think of Pinterest, but for merchandise you can buy rather than recipes and crafts. Wanelo users can easily click on anything they might want to buy from several sites so they can collect it all onto a virtual pinboard. They can then follow other Wanelo users and browse what’s on their pinboard, tagging friends when they see items those friends might like.

Clearly, brands in ecommerce need to keep an eye on this social network as it grows this year. This is because once retailers claim their store page on Wanelo, they can start updating it with announcements, see which products are most popular, and even interact with the site’s more than 11 million users.


One of the freshest social media platforms, Peach, is brand new this year, and it’s already been compared to Tumblr, Slack, Twitter, Path….and pretty much every other social network you can think of. Maybe that’s because it was created by one of the founders of Vine, or maybe it’s because it’s just hard to think of a new social network that doesn’t already exist. Either way, Peach is worth a look since it’s free and surrounded by lots of hype so far this year.

Though you cannot private message anyone and can only interact with people you’re friends with on the app, Peach allows you to post status updates, share images, and grab the attention of friends when you send a “boop” to them. But the most notable detail about Peach involves Magic Words. All you have to do is type a short word and Peach will do the rest. Type “here” to tag your location. Type “draw” to add a doodle. Type “gif” to post a cute little, well, GIF. Overall, fans of this app love that it’s simple and mostly focuses on displaying emotions to friends through short status updates, emojis, and GIFs.


Once touted as the anti-Facebook, mainly due to its commitment to remain free of ads, Ello has evolved quite a bit lately and is just now coming into its own. It’s best for creative people looking to be inspired by fellow creative types, since users can upload and share their content. They can then browse and comment on the creative works that everyone else is sharing.

Though buying ads on Ello is obviously not a possibility, brands can still use this social network to their advantage. The main requirement is to fit in with the rest of the content, meaning creativity is a must when it comes to content marketing on this site. Check out how brands like The Wall Street Journal and Netflix handle their Ello pages to get some ideas.


This is a livestreaming app that allows up to four people to host a video chat at once, while similar video chat apps only allow one host at a time. The result is that instead of watching a single person chat on video, users can join in, making it easy to be social without having to type a single word.

Blab has been popular among many marketers for months, as you can see by some of our Blab sessions. After all, with its ability to let two to four people chat by video, it’s a fun way to get conversations about important topics in front of target audiences. That’s probably why Blab users – especially marketers – have used the app to conduct interviews, webinars, workshops, and more.

Have you used any of these newer social media networks? If so, what has your marketing experience been so far?

By Autumn Rivers – Editor, The Marketing Scope
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