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3 Questions Every Sales Professional Should Ask Themselves Daily

sales-professionalBy Jack Kosakowski – eBRANDgelist, Global Head of Social Sales Disruption at The Creation Agency.

What do you do daily to make sure you evolve and grow as a sales professional?

Do you analyze and dissect each and every sales call when it’s over?

Do you analyze your “why” daily and the “How” behind it?

Do you feel that every day you leave the office you are more of an expert in your field than when you came in?

There are lots of questions that we should be asking ourselves daily.

The real question is.. What questions should we make a priority?

3 Questions Sales Should Ask Themselves Daily

1. What’s My Motive

Motive is the most powerful thing in sales that affects the end result of anything we do. It’s very easy to lose sight of our motive in sales. External and internal factors can weigh heavily on motive. For example: falling behind on your numbers, fear of losing your job, or even the high of closing lots of business can have a major impact on motive.

What is the goal or objective of every email you send? Every call you make? Every tweet you send? Every piece of content you post?

Never lose sight of your motive.

2. Am I Memorable

Are you memorable? Why is this a question you should ask daily?

One thing that most sales professionals lose sight of is understanding the psychology of their buyers. Think about this… How many sales calls do your buyers sit on? How many products do they see on a weekly and monthly basis?

Do you think they remember that one feature about your product that will fix their revenue gap?

Do you think they remember how much better your pricing structure is versus your competitor?

Do you think they remember how much time and money you will save them?

Newsflash: No, they don’t remember any of that.

If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to ask your top three sales opportunities the answers to any of those questions.

Now, what do they remember?

They remember YOU!

Your job is to inspire your buyers to want the next call or meeting because of you.

Your product is not memorable. Your product is actually very forgettable.

You are the memorable one.

You’re the one that inspires, educates, and gains the trust for the sale.

Your product is just the byproduct of you.

Don’t lose sight of selling the one thing that matters.

3. What Did I Learn?

It’s easy to stop evolving in the sales profession for a variety of reasons.

This is why it’s important to understand daily what action you are taking to become the expert.

True experts know that they are never an expert.

This is how you have to think in sales.

Every day you should analyze what you have learned or what you need to spend more time learning.

It’s no secret.. The more you learn, the more your customers and future customers will earn. You have to become obsessed with learning daily.

That starts with creating a habit that is focused on learning.

In Conclusion

Motive drives every action we take daily.

Action takes place when you leave a lasting impression.

Impressions are made by people.

People that are experts are obsessed with learning.

Learning is driven by asking the right questions daily.

By Jack Kosakowski – eBRANDgelist, Global Head of Social Sales Disruption at The Creation Agency
Website:, Twitter: @JackKosakowski1

Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse.